The Pursuit of Vision.


Since the time I was a young adult, the Universe has offered me an opportunity for a rites of passage.

It’s so clear to me now. This is no ordinary vision quest either. More reminiscent perhaps, of what a young Native American might have experienced when our relationship with Nature was still intact.

For modern day shamans, it’s important to remember that a library of books cannot compare to the ability to tap into the nonphysical source of infinite wisdom.

There are many methods of tapping these origins, like meditation, fasting and solitude.

Until one has passed through the gate of their own destiny, they will remain torn between two worlds, perpetually tormented by asymmetrical forces.

Balance is necessary for proper integration. Again, fasting and a modest diet along with remaining limber are crucial to understanding our bodies needs.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attention attunes our senses.

Isolating ourselves in the natural world will offer insights into our higher purpose here. This calling may have sounded many, many winters ago and since then, we’ve been restless.

Never contented; constantly seeking and thirsting for knowledge, growth and wisdom. Helping others along the way while learning to unselfishly care for ourselves.

Separation from processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, substances and technology, i.e. WiFi is crucial to cleansing one’s spirit so a deeper connection may take root. Presence is vital and acceptance to our circumstances helps us adapt to our environment while we purify our totality with Nature.

Deep, inner peace can be restored, once we’ve bathed in her healing grounds for awhile. Answers may drift into our consciousness and new pathways may emerge.

Forging a different life for ourselves through service to others. Working for others’ behalf while simultaneously tending to our own.

Connection with the One Infinite Creator and all sentient life that surrounds me. Every life-form.

Piercing the veil of illusion, only to discover more layers. For every question answered, another is born.

Ignoring the Hero’s Journey can compromise our ability to ascend beyond our physically dense, perceived limitations. This is not for the spiritually meager but, for those who know they cannot hide from their calling.

There’s no telling what type of hardship this will cause in one’s life as they transform—lying dormant within their cocoon until they’re ready to soar. Once a warrior has chosen to accept their gift, they’re capable of employing the use of spiritual faculties that can help them work efficiently.

Sacrifice, heartache and mental restoration will open us up to new horizons and possibilities. It’s important to pursue our passions and to be passionate about everything we do.

Inevitable struggle will surely ensue. Our wits will be tested along with our strength of virtue.

Tests of our character and sanity will leave us naked and vulnerable to Her majesty. Imagine stranding one’s self in Nature with nothing more than the ability to create fire and a sharp tool for hunting and gathering.

I’m choosing to bring technology into the field with me, e.g. sleeping bag, shelter and minimal equipment. However, I’ll be completely reliant on my own ability to withstand the elements for an extended period of time.

This will strip the poisons from me and the toxins within will eventually pass while my body goes through a rejuvenation process. Extraordinary benefits will arise from a cleansing such as this.

Establishing that relationship with the Universe—grounding to Mother Earth and Father Cosmos.

More appropriately, we’re learning to assimilate and raise awareness of this eternal energy.

Extended periods of silence will hone our ability to listen and hear what we’re meant to focus on. Embracing our darkness as a part of, in conjunction with our work in the light.

Being present for excruciating lengths of time. Driving our senses mad with hallucinations.

Overcoming each obstacle with resilient courage and bravery. There’s no telling exactly what one might confront while questing. Untold fears will surely pervade our space.

Dreams will become vivid and we will learn to interpret our parables for guidance. A new human will descend upon society as part of a healing wave, here to construct a new age.





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