Brother Elk.


Excerpt from an eery night spent in the wilderness, back in September, the 25th of 2014:


Tucked under the blanket of a starry sky in the heart of the Rattlesnake Wilderness area, 18 miles from the modern-world, I dreamt wildly throughout the night but a singular portion of my dreams, still vividly haunts me.

One aspect of my waking dream involved a bull elk who appeared before me in an obvious gesture for my help. The animal’s health was visibly deteriorated and its body bore superficial, open wounds and rotting flesh. It could best be described as the living-dead and was a terrible sight to witness.

Some kind of man-made leather harness was strapped around its body and I knew immediately that He (my spirit animal brethren) wished for me to remove it. This magnificent animal, finally succumbing to its peril, lay down and rested at my feet for a moment of reprieve.

I unbuckled the leather reins with earnest reverence for the immense suffering and slow, suffocation this animal had endured. Scorn filled my anguished heart along with remorse, prejudice and obvious discord toward the parties responsible for such callous action, ignorance and malice behavior.

My father was present, although I’m unsure he recognized the depths of which this disturbed my Being. I believe he felt as though there was nothing we could do about this insanity and reckless abandonment—this ill-fated treatment of another life form. The animal lay before me, surrendering to my immense love and condolences as its last remaining breaths of life began to slip away.

I pulled manmade stakes from each of its ankles, freeing the beautiful creature from this death-harness and a life of purgatory. No longer tortured or vanquished by this thorned strait-jacket, the elk mercifully perished.

I fought back tears of anger and resentment, scouring my mind for someone to blame these atrocities on and the revenge I’d seek for this kindred spirit’s suffering.

Somehow though, I knew on a deeper, subconscious level that it was me who had bound the shackles, who had imprisoned, handicapped and enslaved this animal.

I recognized the disease that has swept over humankind—a mental illness causing Brothers to enslave one another; be it Man, Animal or Planet. Each engrossed by the other in perpetual madness, governed by the illusion of separation (egoic predicament of the mind) from Creator and all that is.

We have forgotten who we truly are—our nature.

This dream indicates that Now is the time for me to act, that my life’s purpose is to serve others and that I can only experience true, unbridled freedom if all of Humanity is liberated from our individual, illusory shackles of separation and suffrage. Man, Animal, plant, soil, water—all birthed from our Mother’s womb; every life form, here on Earth.

I woke from this dawning moment of realization in the middle of the night, visibly shaken and terribly upset. I openly wept for this creature, this Spirit and its torment, representing the suffering we’re all experiencing collectively—our souls crying out for redemption, solace and freedom from bondage; severance from the veil that has imprisoned our minds, the wounds that have scarred our hearts and the amnesia that we are all, One.

We are Spirit. Let peace of mind prevail and reign down upon us, unto this Earth; into this Garden of Eden. ~ Not mine, but thy will be done.


Image credit: Drew Hays, Unsplash


Day of Peace. {Poem}


There is no greater truth

Than what the heart speaks.

To lay down one’s arms

Is to simply place them down

At our sides.

The only clash we need to have

Is the clasp

Of our own two hands.

There exists no barrier


Or misunderstanding

When human emotion is expressed.

A display of peace

Is a simple handshake


Or smile

And laughter too.

We’ve bordered the walls

Of our mind.

Held ourselves captive


To our own demands.

The heart knows no boundaries


Or illusory ties that bind.

Let us simply love

On this day

On this day of peace.

May this day

Lead to many more

Many more moments of peace.

Peace within

Will ultimately lead

To love and understanding

All around.



Image: Annie Spratt, Unsplash

Steering Into the Unknown: Facing Our Fears While Opening our Hearts to Change.


A lot of emphasis is placed upon certainty, reliability and routine—what’s familiar to the ego and mind.

So many of us have been taught to get in line and follow suite—adhere to the path that has been demonstrated as a viable means to procure one’s needs, while supporting the current growth model of economics and prosperity.

Fewer however, are so willing to venture off this path and choose to brave the unknown, despite whatever looming fears they may have in doing so. There’s nothing certain about exploring new territories. The possibility that we’ll fail is always on the precipice, just prior to rounding the bend of ultimate discovery and realization.

For most of my adult life, I steered away from fear, believing I was actually turning toward what was best. This has often been the comforting choice or one of least resistance. It offered solace from the storm, providing for my basic needs and usually, plenty material wants or desires. I fit into the mold that so many do, yet something deep within always seemed to linger—a sense that something was missing from my life, no matter how much I sought to fulfill this void.

Not to discredit my past…

It was meant to be, so that I could learn from all that was needed to embrace a new direction and purpose in life. We endure so that when the time comes, once we’re called to act or lead by our highest dominion, our bold nature and character have been refined enough to accept uncertainty without faltering. Yes, we may stumble and even fall, but we’ll inevitably rise, if we but choose to embrace our individual rites of passage.

Fear is not something we must give in to. We do not need to resort to a mundane or monotonous life that only perpetuates what is oftentimes, the result of patterns transposed by self-limiting beliefs over time. When we are instead heart-led, we are granted the opportunity to unearth our shadow nature and those aspects of ourselves that have long remained dormant through repression (giving into fear).

Once we’ve largely let go of our past identity and egocentric programming, the only barometer necessary to reveal so openly, is our humility. We’re granted a window or glimpse into our totality, that we can learn to accept and embrace. Our greatest power lies in unifying our two polarities.

The gateway lies within…

What our intuition and heart ask of us, may contradict all that’s stood the test of time before now. Logic, reasoning and a contrary notion that familiarity, illusory satisfaction and material gain are the key to success and dignity. That sense of self worth may appear to exist in the things we obtain or possess but it’s not birthed in these prescribed virtues.

Status quo can become a pandemic of measures and values that elude temporarily, the universal laws we’re never separate or apart from. Remember, only a few minds or systems of beliefs and ideologies have influenced the actions and behaviors of the majority throughout history. So never disregard that perhaps, you are one of those brilliant seekers, meant to steer planetary change onto a new course.

We cannot guarantee or rely on anything remaining the same, although it’s certain that change shall persist. The more malleable to this notion we are, the more accepting of an abiding nature, we’ll become. To a degree (more or less than we may fully realize), we are governed by an unknown, unseen, yet somehow tangibly evident force of nature. We are destined, but are not beholden to becoming anything that our free will does not wish to seek ultimate fulfillment or evolution from.

If we simply decide that what’s been forged is what we shall remain pardoned to, then so be it. But, if one’s heart yearns for all the inumerous mysteries lying beyond what’s readily apparent to us now, we might actually discover that a world of wonder, unbridled truth and brilliant possibilities awaits.

Whatever it is we fear, only serves to awaken us to our higher potential. We eventually decide that these fears are merely irrational thought forms that we’ve likely been convinced to believe because social norms strive to dictate such contrived systems of control.

A free spirit can never be contained…

Remember, we’re given every chance to turn back, at any moment along this often times, perilous journey. We can always return home. We can give up and resign to what was. Failure is always an option, as is turning our back to what beckons our heart from repose.

I’ll assure you though, that if we choose to acknowledge our fears and sternly will ourselves to face them, just to witness what exists beyond our prior borders, our lives are certain to change in ways that defy logic, comfort-seeking or any amount of fleeting gain that can be achieved outside ourselves.


Image: Cristian Newman, Unsplash

When You Meet Someone.


The span of time feels like an eternity while we’re alone, until that fated union of two hearts collides once again.

In one sudden moment, we’ve forgotten all of our past heartbreaks and sorrows—diminished by the rising tide and moon’s alignment.

All that’s led up to now, comes and goes in the blink of an eye—just a figment of our imagination. We lie restlessly in our cozy beds that have become so fitting for one. Now though, we imagine the thought of this other person lying next to us. He can feel the soft delicate texture of her skin while inhaling her intoxicating fragrance and holding her delicately in his embrace.

That period of limbo seems so trivial suddenly, when we are again swept up in the throes of our heart’s strings—tugging at us while we wonder if perhaps they are tugging at them too. Irrational thoughts flood the mind as we peer into our newborn future with this other person by our side. A new sense of purpose and identity is born and we are soothed by the notion that what lies before us actually stands a chance at becoming true.

A vivid recollection of what we’ve dreamed of, imagined and hoped for throughout all of those passing seasons—the time that’s vanished before our wandering eyes as we’ve aged in years, yet grown more mature and youthful in our childlike nature. She haunts his thoughts as he tries to focus on his routine obligations. Now he struggles to find the words he’s been preparing for her all these years, realizing just how much love can blind him suddenly.

He fears revealing just how much his heart resonates with hers.

Her radiance emanates far and wide, over the many mountain passes, valleys and oceans. He is warmed in the embrace of her soothing sunshine.

Determined to win her over somehow, he plays the unsuspecting and innocent arrival into her life. Deep down, he dreams about her laughing and gazing deeply into his glistening eyes. His romantic ideals have always been his safe haven during times of solitude. More than anything, he desires to know what might be revealed within the cavernous hallways of her mind—the darkest depths of her soul.

His heart aches, because he’s familiar with the reality that he’s holding on. He has held onto this fleeting love, just one more time. Feeling foolish, he relinquishes his true intent and backs away quietly. He’s reminded of where he’s at on his journey and where she is on hers. The impossible odds that something might ever come to fruition overwhelm him and so he resigns.

Alone is where this heart shall remain, until an unspecified amount of time has lapsed yet again—his nature, a quandary. The perils of loving and losing what was so brilliantly exquisite and within his grasp for a mere glimpse in time—all in the same fated, yet solemn breath. Spellbound no longer and rationalizing his senses to move onward, he looks down—bowing out gracefully.

The only answer is to love unconditionally, acknowledging that despite meeting this exquisite soul mate, these two paths were only meant to converge for that bittersweet, surreal moment in life—two hearts and spirits dancing eternally before fading into a glimmering memory, trapped in time.

Her beauty and majesty will not be forgotten, her revelations always safe within the space of his heart where she felt safe opening herself up and expressing her bold, divine and sensitive nature. He wishes he could forget, that he never had to feel this way at all, only to remember that it’s imperative he remains open—heart broken and brimming with unconditional love.

He’ll always reminisce how desperately lost he was for that fleeting moment, when he fell into the abyss of her dark, brown eyes—where she held him in her embrace, for just awhile.

The role these two splendid souls played out for that fated heartbeat in time was merely devised to awaken them more fully to the purpose they’re each here to serve and fulfill—prophecies united and born once again, like the phoenix and the flame.

So he lets her hand go and steals his last glance while watching her walk away, before turning his back and heading in the opposite direction. Atop the mountain pass, he shall rest alone this eve, knowing she exists, is alive and well, residing peacefully and hopefully feeling more complete, in the distant valley shores below. With a trembling heart, he grieves her loss so that he might understand her on a deeper level and someday, perhaps in another life, he cherishes the thought that they might meet again.

Image: Patrick Fore, Unsplash

Let it Move Through You. {Poem}


I can feel it.

I can feel it moving through my body.

Last night I was rinsed

In the darkness of night.

As the rain soaked me to the bone

I cursed and yet I continued

Up to my resting place.

This Sentinel peak

Where I ended up lost

But was finally able to find my way.

Today I realize that it’s time

That it’s time to let go.

The sun has again warmed my skin.

I no longer shiver when I think of my past.

We have arrived at 9-9-9

Which marks a time when nine years

Is swept out from beneath us.


Breathe into this new phase

This new transition of life.

Let go of what’s ailed you.

Rid yourself

Of all that’s tremored your heart.

Allow the salt from your wounds

To meet your lips.

Reunite with the spirit

Which resides eternally within.

Never fear that you’re alone

Because it exists within you.

All that is.

Love is all there is.

Love yourself and love others

For each reflection is nothing more

Than ourselves in spirit.

Let the rain and the sun

Soak you to the bone.

Let your spirit guide you.

Move on.

Image: Matthew Wiebe, Unsplash

To Be a Wild Man—An Authentic Man.


To be a wild man, is to be free from the illusory shackles that bind one’s mind to a mad world.

A modern, sophisticated, yet wild man may not appear to the wandering, untrained eye, as someone who resembles a person who embodies material wealth or insignia.

This man, is someone who may likely bear the invisible marks of trauma and abuse. He’s one who has chosen to brave storms that the sleeping majority simply will not. His path is forged by his spirit, wrought with perils and difficulty that develops the essence of his character and sense of being—his good nature through life experience.

His authenticity is defiant, yet mild and humble because he knows what it’s like to weather years and years of mental torment or abuse and for some, this includes physical trauma. He’s learned to listen acutely to his own intuition, rather than to the blind notions of those who’ve themselves never braved a storm such as he.

Wild men, know not the laws of society’s construct, even if on the surface, he plays a fool. Laws to a man like this are Universal and are taught through lessons, trials and higher guidance, including heartache and love loss. When a man such as this looks into the eyes of a woman, he’s searching her soul for an indication that she too has endured and triumphed.

When he sees others who are troubled or stricken, he can find a deeper sense of empathy and compassion, rather than balk at their perceived lack or misfortune. A wild man can see the torment and suffering in the masses, who choose not to lead sovereign lives, but instead conform to a life of routine and debt stricken purgatory.

He’s lost his will to let pride prevail and his ego death has served him in ways that only losing everything in this material life will teach. The strengths gained from within, through a path of uncertainty and mystery are what shape his daunting courage to seek beyond what’s ordinary or ordained. There will undoubtedly be many, who unwittingly wish to make this man lower himself to their level of comfort and security, but to no avail.

Strong like an oak, yet malleable like a willow, he will root his cause with a formidable stance and bend gracefully, to weather each front that life delivers. This too, is merely a wild man’s authentic personality remaining altruistic to his own standards and not those governed by a privileged, yet unsatiated society, which has hence forgotten the origins of its nature.

A wild man knows how to love a woman in ways that defy the senses. His spirit will intoxicate her mind and her body will inevitably follow—although it’s not his aim, to simply please or seduce her physical needs alone. He desires intimacy and a deep, abiding connection on all levels—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Her intellect, wisdom and compassion must temper his own shortcomings. No boundaries exist between two wild soul mates, fated to collide.

It seems evident, that few wild men actually exist in this modern day world of conformity and rigid structure of command, which limits a man’s true potential. This is something he cannot fathom becoming and from an early age has gone to great lengths, ensuring that his mind or heart are never imprisoned. Despite disappointing those who’ve expected of him to be, as they want him to become or have envisioned for him, he will ultimately defy them.

Following another’s path is to walk his own, backward in time—only to have spent his life, lost; forgetting his inherent destiny to live free.

The path of a wild man remains as certain as the weather and passages of time. There are seasons to explain his madness and storms that will mimic his free-flowing personality, but he’s ultimately abiding by his vision as time passes by, all the while learning from each life experience that reveals an opportunity for him to learn from and grow wiser in doing so.

His wisdom, is made apparent to others, as the core of his inherent nature radiates outward to the world beyond him. There is intellect in the few words that are spoken aloud and untold stories in his deep, piercing gaze. His heart seeks an eternity of passion, new horizons and adventure. He’s a mystery—authentic, wise and compassionate, yet stern, crazy and wide awake, screaming to the heavens in silent revelry.

To realize and behold a wild man, is to realize one’s own wild nature within.

Image: Ales Krivec, Unsplash

Labor Day Dreams. {Poem}


Lying restless upon the ground

While listening to the sound of rainfall

I wonder about the journey beyond

The shadow

Blankets me

Prior to dawn’s arrival.

As morning arrives

The migrating robins sound

Indicating the arrival of a new season

Nearing its way toward us.

Thoughts flood my mind

Pen and paper reveal

Words that seek the light of day.

Expression and a heart’s desire unite.

Time unfolds

The mystery before us

As we traverse the stillness

Of all that is.

That period between dreaming

And waking reality

When we’re not quite sure

If what’s reeling

Is real or an illusion.

This day has brought rain

And now


Tonight marks six weeks

Of spending one’s nights

Atop the Sentinel

Towering over

The five valley’s hub.

Nature has revealed

A new story

For me to fathom

Each time I’ve arrived

To my beloved resting place.

A curious deer

Following me

A boa

Made of rubber

And time

In solitude.

These omens are meant

To reveal what truths

We’re meant to learn from

So that we might walk

The path which leads

Into the still night of day.

Until we round that bend

There’s no telling

What light

Cast upon the darkness

Will illuminate.

Image: Andreas Wagner, Unsplash