Know Your Worth.

- Thayne Ulschmid (58)


Let Yourself Go.


Feel the rhythm and excitement of your deepest desires, rising up through your body.

Inciting your most vulnerable emotions and darkest, intimate thoughts.

Faint expressions, hardly visible as you descend into your body’s wanting nature.

Your eyes, seductive and electrifying—deep ocean blue—cosmic stardust shining through.

Lying there, naked and shivering while I draw concentric, spiraling circles on your belly.

Forgetting to breathe, so I remind you while joining in too.

You can feel into my desires and know I’m holding back—that I have deep and dark secret fantasies I’d like to reveal.

We’ve waited so long, for this trusting matrimony of wild, loving embrace.

Surrendering slowly, while you run your hand along my face.

Peering into my eyes—I can feel you—touching my soul.

Our lips meet—shockwaves emanating through our bodies and we can barely stand the intensity.

That energy in motion, seeking its unbridled expression through us, as we give way to universal love—seeping through—vividly striking daylight, coming true.

Image credit: Meiying Ng, Unsplash