A Warrior’s Journey.


If the darkness can take away a loved one’s life so soon, then I vow to combat this void for the rest of my natural life.

You have never been my friend—you are but my enemy lying within.

No mind for wonder, only fear.

For so long I believed in my identity, that you were real and that I was feeling abandoned and depressed.

I’ve felt the pain you cause, when you clamp down on my heart.

When the life in my own eyes begins to recede and you whisper, that I leave.

Oh, the times I’ve contemplated how.

You’ve corrupted perfectly innocent people.

The conspiracy to deceive countless victims.

Where does virtue lie in fighting you?

There is but one thing, that only suggestion is allowed.

No matter how much you might pervade the silence within, I know now who you are—what you are.

Everywhere, every shadow and thought, alien to our own.

So subtle, yet I still found out.

Perverse, fallen airwaves.

Deliverer of the morning light.

The light bearer—Son of the morning.

Whether man gives in to your false nature, or the Christ Consciousness prevails, I have pierced the veil and you can no longer hide from me.

I am powerful enough to overcome your influence and I always have been.

Despite your artillery and blind infantry, once a warrior is awakened, they remain restless.

Where shall we meet?

In the nether world?

Either way, you’re fighting a losing battle.

We both know this, dear fallen brother—you’re no longer robed as a sheep.

Believe me, I understand you well and we must never blame you.

However, we can banish you.

Whatever lessons you may have for those, whose troubles are silent, I will do whatever is necessary to protect them on their journeys for as long as they choose to fight it.


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