Internal Surrender.


Excerpt from Aug. 31, 2016:

When we choose to give in, just a little bit, we can finally let that overwhelming feeling of love consume us.

When we stop struggling with what’s on our mind and we just accept that we are who we are and they are who they are—this world, just is what it is, we can feel the rhythm of that love flow through us.

If we surrender, for just a moment, if we just let the tears rise to the surface, we might again feel what it’s like to simply let go and to let the love we think we’ve been holding away from ourselves, in.

Let the love flow, not because you’re lacking love, but rather, because we cannot live without it. We cannot live with lack, if we just learn to love who we are and the way that’s done is to give up on trying to seek love outside ourselves.

There’s no battle to fight that we cannot win, through surrender. There’s not a single moment that we have to suffer or endure or forget to appreciate these blessed moments, if we let love shine throughout our being.

Feel the pulse of love surrounding you—emanating within you, sending chills down your spine and along your arms. Embrace yourself with love, because no other force has the power to diminish what’s already inside of you.

Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash


Seven Generations Prophecies, Realized.


This is a spiritual revolution.

Those in the know, understand that what’s happening on center stage, is theatrical while the underlying motive, is necessarily, spiritual.

It’s interesting how natural, or geo-engineered disasters are summoning relief and support from the common man and woman.

Hatred is being vanquished by the larger populace and a tyrannical system of governance is ordering a militarized presence, as their own necessary fear mechanism of control.

Yet, people who can peer through this, have no arms to bear. Nothing to defend, because they understand the repercussions of karmic laws.

The earth responds to our material and spiritual nature, without error. There is a burgeoning desire for truth to reveal itself. Many countries are aligning to this spiritual path, while our own is being drowned and set ablaze.

It’s interesting how western culture and its perverse nature is becoming the lesser of our world’s dominating powers. Only unity of nations and its people will overcome the belligerent ideals of the darker forces at play within all facets of our sickened western society.

Collapsing capitalism and consumerism, will surely bide time for those who are orienting themselves toward thy will, rather than the narcissistic ideal of a self-serving populace. Ignorant children of an ignorant race of humans who were taught to support terrorism and a hijacked collective consciousness.

I’m in awe of how prophetic today’s scene is and stand in wonder at how this egoic nation’s ideals are being dismantled by unseen forces at play.

The new race is among us.

Reincarnated elders, returning as our children—leading the world into a new age, where service to others and stewardship of our finite resources is of primary importance.

Lesser ideals, that serve only one’s egocentric, childish nature will eventually give way to that greater spirit of one people, coming together to live for seven more generations.

War, poverty and greed, amongst other illnesses will subside, while our true, human nature is once again restored—in a greater harmony with the planet’s resonant frequency that supports life, rather than destroying it, needlessly.

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

Nature’s Judgement: Amoral Acts, Dismayed.


When I feel myself becoming consumed by the affairs of our world and the quickening madness occupying it, my primary motive becomes detachment.

There is no use offering any energy to what is, because even when we are embodying what we might perceive as the highest vibration known as love, we are giving to it—just that—offering it (whatever we’re attracted to or detest) that same, amplifying energy.

Stillness—presence—remaining in touch with what is before us—within us, is vital to altering the nature of our ever-changing landscape.

There are no victims here.

What’s going on around the world is necessary and pivotal to our evolution. One must eventually comprehend that not all are meant to stay at times like this. Especially in such manners as what we’d perceive as natural disasters.

These are natural orders of governance. When mankind has become too corrupted, nature swoons and blankets the plague. She is exacting same unto all those who portray ignorant dismay.

No one is innocent.

The United States is facing it’s adversary—ourselves—reminiscent of how nature sways (fire, flood, etc.). This is an amoral act, that few, it seems can handle because we’ve become too diluted in our sense of morality and what is truly right and just in accordance with natural laws—inescapable truths.

Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash

A Dead Serpent.


Excerpt from Sept. 17th, 2016:

Today’s omen: A dead serpent.

The theme of ‘harvest’ stood out to me, noticing ants carrying off several dead insects in different places I traveled to today. It reminds me that all life gets harvested eventually and so I found myself examining my own beliefs once again.

Harvest is a natural and inevitable experience and despite our human awareness to seek the practice of non-violence, we still harvest on some scale. We take life, whether it be plant, animal or natural resource, yet we struggle to cope with giving back in kind. We will be harvested; our physical bodies, eventually. That and change are the only real certainties in life.

It’s important to acknowledge that in Nature, there is a reciprocal balance of harvest and re-birth or sustenance, which is cyclical and sustainable. A balance or attunement that society has largely forgotten, misunderstands or simply ignores. I’m reminded to be more careful of what I’m harvesting and reproducing, to reciprocate more appropriately. What can I give back for what I’ve taken so often? Can we ignore this truth? Are we teaching our children that this is the truth of Nature?

We must conserve, if we wish to consume. We must give back, if we insist on taking from Her.

Gaia is the womb and she gives birth to new life, but in order for life to exist, life must be extinguished. There is but a perpetual balance that Nature seeks—an order to all things. We are only here for a brief time, before we give back to the womb of existence, whether our limited comprehension can absorb, fully contemplate and accept that or not.

Let the energy of the old, outdated and what’s ready for harvest, go. It’s time to give birth to a new paradigm.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Nature’s Way.


Nature is a place where I can fully know myself; where I can remember who I truly am; where I can fully recognize my inner beauty, inner expression and inner strengths.

Nature is where I can shed my weaknesses, my ego and expose my vulnerabilities to God. It is where I can allow my wounds to heal so that my scars can serve as a reminder of journeys past and journeys yet to come.

It rejuvenates my soul and shows me my purpose, Here and Now on this planet. It is where my heart-beat can sync with the heart-beat of Mother Earth; where I can fully feel that she is alive; that she too, is breathing and that all life here is of, Her. It is a source of Oneness sought by many, yet cherished by few.

It’s where I’m reminded that I am never really lost, that looking is the only place where we’ll discover loneliness and that I will always find my way. It is in her embrace where I am completely, alive.

Nature is where I lose myself, so that I can find myself.

Photo by kelsey grossmann on Unsplash

The Vampire.


We’re well aware of the butterfly analogy.

A caterpillar, entombing itself in a self-constructed cocoon.

Enduring absolute darkness for a predeterminate period of time, before eventually emerging in the light of day as a butterfly.

No longer identifying with what it once was (an endless consuming scourge), it can now drift about freely in this wondrous world with entirely new eyes, outlook and purpose.

So many speak of energy vampires.

We are, at our essence, simply energy in motion.

Like the caterpillar, this planet is being consumed by blood suckers—adolescent vampires.

Retreating from the light of day—fearing the unknown and listlessly devouring everything in their wake (melodramatic, egocentric energy harvest, i.e. narcissism).

Their illusory identities (egoic, clueless living-nightmares—oblivious of their self-perpetuating ignorance) controlling every faculty of their sleeping lives.

Persisting in the shadows of a dark and seemingly endless night (plight).

Few will ever face the light of day—one’s dawning realization and recollection—disillusioned by the facade—awakened and fully aware.

Conscious of what they are.

A vampire becomes their environment, yet can no longer fathom or tolerate behaving like a blood sucking scourge and detriment.

Instead, they vanquish their admonitions and choose freely, to lead a sovereign life—unwavering in their conviction to face this reality, each waking day of this fleeting existence.

A vampire is sustained by the light and no longer fears darkness, but rather welcomes its child’s play.

Photo by Chandler Hilken on Unsplash

Energy Medicine.


Excerpt from Sept. 28th, 2016:

There happens to be a definite science behind the work that I’m doing, best interpreted in quantum physics, but there’s another, mysterious force at-play—psychic force. Something we’re still learning to adopt in our western culture, but has been prevalent throughout many eastern cultures and Native American culture for many, many centuries—thousands of years, actually.

Some of this work can be defined, or explained away, but there remains some force that goes beyond the magnitude and comprehension of the human mind and ego. Some people happen to be a conduit, vessel or instrument through which this energy may be directed or conducted. We might relate this further, to those who have an innate ability to play music, write or perform for example, amongst many creative pursuits that defy the logical, limited five senses.

From this place, when we simply get out of our own way, we are granted the ability to heal ourselves on varying levels, through working with the subconscious and this Source frequency or resonance. Everything in Nature is vibratory. Science or quantum physics might relate it to the Source field or Zero-point energy, but I understand it as the force that pervades all of existence, through time and space/space and time.

It’s a non-local phenomena that requires no space in time, to communicate with our own subconscious, or auric field, as just one example of our bio-electromagnetic nature—our life-force, or Chi (also known as Ki, in Reiki). Bio = our biology and it’s no secret that we possess or are occupied by some nonphysical force that communicates all weights and measurements of health with our physical anatomy. Without this force occupying the body, we would cease to live.

To resurrect health, we simply match the proper frequency to the distortion at the energetic level and allow the body to follow suite. It’s been documented, that some people even experience what’s known as spontaneous remission or healing, which the western medical fields really have no explanation for, because it’s hard to measure or treat something that happens spontaneously.

There could be a placebo effect at play in some of this work, but it just goes to show again, how powerful the subconscious is and validates that indeed, given the proper attunement or suggestion, we can command our energetic nature to resurrect the forces necessary for the body to heal completely.

Photo by Kai Oberhäuser on Unsplash