The Solemn, Solo Wanderer’s Vow.


Taking a stand can be earth-shattering

Surely leading us into the abyss

What’s unknown

Mysterious and uncertain

There is no guarantee that our choice will promise us grace

Utmost curiosity or utter disgrace

Failure and humility will surely heal

Whichever wounds we inflict

So long as we’re willing to forgive ourselves


Asking the same

From those who are innocent

Integrity is either forged or compromised

In every moment

Breath and tale we weave

Each heart pounding or breaking choice we choose to believe

If there was a map or key

Would I even navigate life

Along the beaten trail

Only opening doors that others have opened before me

Pioneering will shatter illusions



Lack of vitality

We’re here to live fully

Fruitfully and true to our destiny


Feel this waking reality.