Directing Our Lives Through Guided Intuition: One Man’s Lessons from Time in the Woods.


There’s something magical that takes place, when one finally begins allowing their intuition to lead, while their ego trails behind.

I’ve spent 34 years of my precious (much of, wasted-away) life I feel, allowing my limited ego to shape the life that society would have dictated for me.

In my case, it seems that I have always had a split equilibrium between a logical and abstract mentality—a Libran (Scales), dualistic nature and perspective about life. Always explaining things to others as though I should measure up to them in some way and competing without realizing it—for reasons that haven’t always served my highest nature or others’.

Our solar plexus region, or solar chakra is where our ego orients itself. Some people, like myself can feel each area of our major chakra areas and so it’s easy to identify when we’re residing in that area, versus allowing our Kundalini energy to continue rising upward, through our heart space and throat. From here, we’re able to open the gateway to love and compassion and can then communicate more clearly, while reaching toward higher states of understanding—through our mind’s eye.

Intuition is an innate knowing.

It arrives, prior to the mind processing emotions, thoughts or the present scene (not to exclude past, present or future). It’s a subtle voice or feeling, that sounds just like ourselves speaking, but from a place that transcends any feelings of fear or subjection. It’s a driving force that summons us to seek beyond routine and what’s readily known or familiar to us. We’re often times confused and conflicted because the ego personality has won over our decision-making process for so long. We may be asked to do something that’s entirely unorthodox and potentially scary, perhaps even dangerous.

Learning to trust in this inner voice, feeling or hunch and often times, definite knowing that defies explanation, is our pathway toward inner and outer growth—soul progression and transformation. We begin to affect others in ways that offers them a choice to stop leading a limiting lifestyle, because our actions speak to them in ways that an egocentric voice cannot.

It becomes a humbling nature to let one’s intuition lead the way. We embody more humility and less pride. As time goes on, every moment reveals to us, a lesson from which we can learn from—further opportunities to glean from our own wisdom or simply add to its vast energy stores.

Personal and extensive time spent in the woods, out in Nature, is where my intuition often speaks so clearly to me. Away from the worldly distractions and pollutants that would otherwise tamper with our ability to explore resonance with the attunement we call the natural world—where health dictates order and survival; the ability to truly thrive.

When I am quiet and begin to listen, answers I’ve sought will arrive. New questions are posed and a newfound appreciation for this life, my life, dawns upon me. Mysteries become evident truths and what we thought was true before now becomes trivial. Intuition is that aspect of ourselves that transcends the physical body. It’s something that we never part ways with. It is the essence of what we are, beyond the grave and our ego death experience, which is what this life is—the illusion that we are separate from all other things. Our intuition reminds us that no matter how different it may all seem, that in this vast matrix of what we might consider a subjective reality, we are all one—a part of one sentient consciousness that permeates all of time and space/space and time.

Intuition is past, present and future—collapsed into one eternally dense moment of now.

Go where it’s quiet and listen to yourself whisper to you how much you are loved, unconditionally. Let your skin crawl and the goosebumps rise, when Creator whispers to you, via the wind which tickles your delicate skin. Feel the magic in the air, realizing that each breath taken is the same breath that all life has or ever will take. Walk with your intuition for awhile each day and let it share with you what’s so glorious about living in these physical forms while we learn what lies beyond all of this.

Once we realize we are leading fated lives, we just might start allowing a higher waveform of sentience to direct us in wondrous, terrifying and exploratory ways—beyond what the mechanizations of society could ever dream of doing or entertaining us with. There’s a world beyond what’s known and there is a voice that will translate to us, what this majesty called life is truly all about.

Image: Steven Kamenar, Unsplash     


A Writer’s Mantra. {A Musing}



“You’re a writer.” – Your main objective is to write.

When you have nothing left, you’ll finally know what it means to have everything you ever needed.

Blessed, are those who’ve forgotten who they are so that they might finally discover their true essence in life.

Without purpose, cause or direction, we’re lost—adrift in a sea of loneliness and despair; an unrelenting, self-inflicted torment that will only continue to fester.

Enlightened people aren’t the lucky ones. They’re the people who’ve been to hell and who’ve climbed from those depths and passages of utmost darkness, to once again see the light and avail the reality of who they truly are. We embody both, heaven and hell within the construct of heart, mind and spirit.

If we allow ourselves to be thrust forward in uncanny ways, despite the struggle and hardships that often ensue, we might be fortunate enough to figure out what’s worth living for in this life. We finally learn what the meaning is.

Besides believing who we are, or upholding some preconceived notion of our identity, we’re offered an opportunity to strip away all that has accumulated—all that’s collected like dust upon our soul. When the winds arise, don’t turn your back to it, allow what no longer serves you, what you no longer identify with to be blown away, stripped from the core of your being and forgotten over time. Face the winds with a daunting courage and you’ll discover what you’re truly capable of achieving.

Unless we persist through the pain, we’re liable of becoming that which would otherwise cripple us and distort who we are and what we’re meant to be doing in this life. Our good will, determination to survive and thrive is what urges us along to forge new pathways no matter how terrifying or eroding to our sense of welfare it might seem in any given moment.

Joy is not something obtained from outside ourselves. No amount of material possessions or value added beyond our own spirit and body will ever deliver the immensity of pure, unadulterated happiness that exists deep within the core of our very being. Here and now, in the presence of our attentive awareness is where joyous wonder resides.

The next time you’re feeling down and out, take a walk. Take a long walk, until your feet are sore and you’ve forgotten what you were so worried about in the first place.

Anger only serves us if we’re willing to act on it. Festering in the nightmares of our mind will only delude any good senses we have of one another—each person merely a reflection of who we truly are on some level too.

Run. To or from makes no difference, but run either way. Go someplace new and feel what it’s like to do something that’s different—what’s unfamiliar to the forefront of our day to day lives.

When we get lost, we finally realize that we will never be found and that the beauty of life lies in the mystery of uncertainty and not knowing, when or what and sometimes even where—no matter how used to normalcy and routine we’ve grown accustomed to.

Our journey consists of a process of destruction that avails truths from within we only once knew existed—for so many of us, when we were young and still innocent (beyond impression).

Take the time to help someone you’d normally pass by on the street or somewhere you’d normally tuck in your chin and keep your head down. If they make you feel uncomfortable, it’s because in some life, you were them and they looked upon you as you are them, now.

The path of forgiveness is not an easy trail to embark upon. It will force us to summon every force of our good nature to follow through with unconditionally accepting what happened and how we’re going to walk forward from this point of realization.

Unless we forgive ourselves, the weight of the world will always remain atop our shoulders. This is no way to live. We deserve more than to be shamed or to shame ourselves for being human. Mistakes are natural and we’re meant to learn from them. Ignorance is no longer applicable, once we realize that it’s our duty to correct and right our ways.

If you’re afraid of where you’re headed simply because you’ve never been there before, just remember that no one ever reached significant heights without exalting themselves by climbing beyond their own self-imposed limitations.

We can always turn back but this is not the path the warrior chooses. Turning back is an admission of defeat and only a defeatist’s mind will do such a dastardly deed. A warrior does not know what exists beyond the next bend in the path, only that their mind is made up—they are determined to witness this world with their own eyes and senses; unshakably vulnerable and aware, yet in awe of what’s next.

We are not lost, even if we’re wandering—so long as we know that there’s only one destination and that time to come is not for us to decide. All shall pass, whether we choose to live fully and enjoy each moment or reside in fear of what our fate ensures, is an inescapable truth. Denial cannot save us, for we are eternally lost, yet unconditionally embraced throughout every turn we steer into and away from in life.