Nature’s Tale.


Nature is a place where I can fully know myself; where I can remember who I truly am; where I can fully recognize my inner beauty, inner expression and inner strengths.

Nature is where I can shed my weaknesses, my ego and expose my vulnerabilities to God. It is where I can allow my wounds to heal so that my scars can serve as a reminder of journeys past and journeys yet to come.

It rejuvenates my soul and shows me my purpose, Here and Now on this planet. It is where my heart-beat can sync with the heart-beat of Mother Earth; where I can fully feel that she is alive; that she too, is breathing and that all life here is of, Her. It is a source of Oneness sought by many, yet cherished by few.

It’s where I’m reminded that I am never really lost, that looking is the only place where we’ll discover loneliness and that I will always find my way. It is in her embrace where I am completely, alive.

Nature is where I lose myself, so that I can find myself.

Photo by kelsey grossmann on Unsplash



Excerpt from Sept. 17th, 2016:
Today’s omen: A dead serpent.
The theme of ‘harvest’ stood out to me, noticing ants carrying off several dead insects in different places I traveled to today. It reminds me that all life gets harvested eventually and so I found myself examining my own beliefs once again.
Harvest is a natural and inevitable experience and despite our human awareness to seek the practice of non-violence, we still harvest on some scale. We take life, whether it be plant, animal or natural resource, yet we struggle to cope with giving back in kind. We will be harvested; our physical bodies, eventually. That and change are the only real certainties in life.
It’s important to acknowledge that in Nature, there is a reciprocal balance of harvest and re-birth or sustenance, which is cyclical and sustainable. A balance or attunement that society has largely forgotten, misunderstands or simply ignores. I’m reminded to be more careful of what I’m harvesting and reproducing, to reciprocate more appropriately. What can I give back for what I’ve taken so often? Can we ignore this truth? Are we teaching our children that this is the truth of Nature?
We must conserve, if we wish to consume. We must give back, if we insist on taking from Her.
Gaia is the womb and she gives birth to new life, but in order for life to exist, life must be extinguished. There is but a perpetual balance that Nature seeks—an order to all things. We are only here for a brief time, before we give back to the womb of existence, whether our limited comprehension can absorb, fully contemplate and accept that or not.
Let the energy of the old, outdated and what’s ready for harvest, go. It’s time to give birth to a new paradigm.
Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash