Briefly pausing long enough to reflect on his past, where he was this time each year before, thankful that he’s passed through such turmoil.

Knowing there’s no end until the day he becomes no longer.

Abiding gratitude overwhelms him often. The simplicity that nature offers one living as a human, in spirit’s form. Suited to live more naturally and now reformed. A destructive process, no more alien than being born, except this journey entails awakening of spirit, while residing in the flesh—newly reborn.

Ever-tempting him away from his purpose—his role, the illusory nature surrounding him shapes itself in such a pattern that if one remains attentive enough, they may begin co-creating this wondrous tapestry with conscious intrigue, surreal awareness and humble rightness.

Natural flow or rhythm restored, being human becomes one’s truth, grasping nothing once more.

Image credit: Arto Marttinen, Unsplash


Clear Sight.

paul-morris-167780-iloveimg-resized.jpgAbout a year ago, I concluded a two week fast, spending ten days of it in the neighboring mountains surrounding Missoula, MT.

When Spirit spoke, concluding that trip, a clear answer arrived, stating, “Just do what you love.”

My search for truth following that period led me to my current residence of Boulder, CO. By turning away from falsehoods and steering toward truth, writing has become the cornerstone of this metamorphosis and transition through the Hero’s Journey so-to-speak. The process of negation, or destruction of beliefs is helping shatter illusions surrounding me so I might see through my own delusions and embody better health over time.

As our life becomes a more naturally abiding experience, we can learn to accept the process of decay as a natural process that we might liken to our rites of passage. Shedding ego and identity uncovers our depths of knowledge and understanding, realizing it lacks any real wisdom or essence. Experiential learning teaches us how to embody our human nature—integrating mind, body (heart) and spirit.

Truth becomes evident and we embrace further awareness in more waking moments of our awakened lives. The search ends just as soon as it begins. Spontaneity and trusting in spirit leads us where it will.

Image credit: Paul Morris, Unsplash

Getting Her Attention.


The woman you’re truly looking for will be impossible to find.

She’s out there no doubt, and she’s everywhere you’ve been, are now or will ever go.

Our habit is to seek, gain wisdom from and practice surrender, while focusing on what we love. Yet she remains away—apart. Distant from us. We wonder about her at night. What she might look like. Her scent. What’s she’s thinking right now.

Overlooking the obvious, far more than we realize, because we’re too busy scattering our attention about, toward all the pretty distractions, ever-tempting us to stray and continue wandering. How many times have I walked right past you?

Your hair, shimmering in the daylight as you study every word and sentence while enjoying your favorite tea. Completely immersed in your silent, yet chaotic world. Eyes that glimmer and speak untold stories that would mystify me. Your curves, because I notice everything. Your essence, how you make me feel is what I’m learning to trust.

Separating how I feel and which emotions have consumed me, triggering the same-old responses rather than inspiring new wakeful interactions with someone. I shed these pent-up emotions and thoughts as though they are what’s blinding me.

Then I see you again. Out there living your life, living out your dream. Sometimes we steal a glance and other times it’s as though we’re missing the key. Countless times we’ve passed one another by and all I had to do was get your attention, say hello and just see.

Make a fool out of myself, perhaps show some vulnerability. Disarm myself. Share something funny, or witty. Realizing now that your guard might be up too and that we’re all a little shy sometimes, definitely self-conscious and biased toward things.

Yet, we liberate ourselves of what binds and suddenly it becomes a little more clear: that you are everywhere I am and I am here with you too. So it makes it easier to be alone while you commence this particular chapter of your life. I’m doing the same, writing it as I go and perhaps we’ll be in a future chapter together too.

Just to connect, takes courage and be as authentic as possible, which means remaining brutally honest with ourselves and what needs or wants we wish to have met. I adorned myself for too long, wearing masks that would never serve any real purpose or fulfillment and realize that standing naked is what’s truly natural, personally.

A wild wolf cannot be trained. Only once it has been domesticated, will its offspring be susceptible to obedience. I mention this because the fire consuming me from within is ravaging my thoughts and feelings as we speak. What was me, will not always remain. What I am today, is just a human, set free.

Are you out there? Breaking out? Running free? If you are, perhaps our paths will cross and we can mingle as two humans, embodying heart, mind and spirit—awakened companions determined to meet.

Image credit: Ray Hennessy, Unsplash

The Real Hero’s Journey.


If you’re struggling beyond comprehension, it’s my experience that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough, which may appear as a breakdown. This is perfectly natural. Breaking out. As one begins dismantling their ego’s identity and surrendering to falsehoods (delusions), the human form may begin functioning naturally again, over time. This is where we observe more balanced states of health, when the mind, body and spirit become attuned to the natural world. We’re largely disharmonic as a society, but nature is ever-vigilant in its tone. If we but surrender, and learn to face death at every turn—even welcome its company, we’ll eventually reside in states that resemble what might be described as truly living.

We’re simply facing fear and severing our attachments to it, through the practice of ultimate surrender and unbiased detachment.

We’re becoming the hero of our own journey.

Image credit: Lucas Alexander, Unsplash