Nature’s Way.


Nature is a place where I can fully know myself; where I can remember who I truly am; where I can fully recognize my inner beauty, inner expression and inner strengths.

Nature is where I can shed my weaknesses, my ego and expose my vulnerabilities to God. It is where I can allow my wounds to heal so that my scars can serve as a reminder of journeys past and journeys yet to come.

It rejuvenates my soul and shows me my purpose, Here and Now on this planet. It is where my heart-beat can sync with the heart-beat of Mother Earth; where I can fully feel that she is alive; that she too, is breathing and that all life here is of, Her. It is a source of Oneness sought by many, yet cherished by few.

It’s where I’m reminded that I am never really lost, that looking is the only place where we’ll discover loneliness and that I will always find my way. It is in her embrace where I am completely, alive.

Nature is where I lose myself, so that I can find myself.

Photo by kelsey grossmann on Unsplash


The Vampire.


We’re well aware of the butterfly analogy.

A caterpillar, entombing itself in a self-constructed cocoon.

Enduring absolute darkness for a predeterminate period of time, before eventually emerging in the light of day as a butterfly.

No longer identifying with what it once was (an endless consuming scourge), it can now drift about freely in this wondrous world with entirely new eyes, outlook and purpose.

So many speak of energy vampires.

We are, at our essence, simply energy in motion.

Like the caterpillar, this planet is being consumed by blood suckers—adolescent vampires.

Retreating from the light of day—fearing the unknown and listlessly devouring everything in their wake (melodramatic, egocentric energy harvest, i.e. narcissism).

Their illusory identities (egoic, clueless living-nightmares—oblivious of their self-perpetuating ignorance) controlling every faculty of their sleeping lives.

Persisting in the shadows of a dark and seemingly endless night (plight).

Few will ever face the light of day—one’s dawning realization and recollection—disillusioned by the facade—awakened and fully aware.

Conscious of what they are.

A vampire becomes their environment, yet can no longer fathom or tolerate behaving like a blood sucking scourge and detriment.

Instead, they vanquish their admonitions and choose freely, to lead a sovereign life—unwavering in their conviction to face this reality, each waking day of this fleeting existence.

A vampire is sustained by the light and no longer fears darkness, but rather welcomes its child’s play.

Photo by Chandler Hilken on Unsplash

Energy Medicine.


Excerpt from Sept. 28th, 2016:

There happens to be a definite science behind the work that I’m doing, best interpreted in quantum physics, but there’s another, mysterious force at-play—psychic force. Something we’re still learning to adopt in our western culture, but has been prevalent throughout many eastern cultures and Native American culture for many, many centuries—thousands of years, actually.

Some of this work can be defined, or explained away, but there remains some force that goes beyond the magnitude and comprehension of the human mind and ego. Some people happen to be a conduit, vessel or instrument through which this energy may be directed or conducted. We might relate this further, to those who have an innate ability to play music, write or perform for example, amongst many creative pursuits that defy the logical, limited five senses.

From this place, when we simply get out of our own way, we are granted the ability to heal ourselves on varying levels, through working with the subconscious and this Source frequency or resonance. Everything in Nature is vibratory. Science or quantum physics might relate it to the Source field or Zero-point energy, but I understand it as the force that pervades all of existence, through time and space/space and time.

It’s a non-local phenomena that requires no space in time, to communicate with our own subconscious, or auric field, as just one example of our bio-electromagnetic nature—our life-force, or Chi (also known as Ki, in Reiki). Bio = our biology and it’s no secret that we possess or are occupied by some nonphysical force that communicates all weights and measurements of health with our physical anatomy. Without this force occupying the body, we would cease to live.

To resurrect health, we simply match the proper frequency to the distortion at the energetic level and allow the body to follow suite. It’s been documented, that some people even experience what’s known as spontaneous remission or healing, which the western medical fields really have no explanation for, because it’s hard to measure or treat something that happens spontaneously.

There could be a placebo effect at play in some of this work, but it just goes to show again, how powerful the subconscious is and validates that indeed, given the proper attunement or suggestion, we can command our energetic nature to resurrect the forces necessary for the body to heal completely.

Photo by Kai Oberhäuser on Unsplash

Woolen Hypocrisy.


At this point in life, I find it nearly impossible (two sides of the same coin), to differentiate between those embodying victimhood and those, who are deemed, narcissists. The two, seem mutually exclusive (necessary) in the sense, that they both require an external source of energy to feel complete.

There are wolves amongst us, do not fool yourselves into believing that everyone here, has the best intentions for thee, nor are they even aware, it is they (themselves), cloaked in woolen hypocrisy. Until you empathize with the narcissist, you are perpetuating your own disease.

Forgive them, open the pasture gates and liberate thee, from the confinement of choice, perpetually binding one’s self, to the predation of nature’s innate predatory influences.

Anyone who is cut off from their life sustaining source, is only capable of feeling what others do. Whether they be a narcissist or “innocent” bystander. The reason it always feels so painful, is because people expect others to repeal their own senses and abide by our own sympathetic, people-pleasing gestures.

This is our false, illusory nature, which would have us seek, endlessly. The moment we realize we are complete, we become empowered to motivate ourselves and eventually, those attachments to wary predatory influences ceases to be.

It is the very thing, you entomb yourself in, compulsively possess—your insistence that you are who you think you are—your perceived self (the ego, tricking thee), that binds you so helplessly, to the same pasture with the open gate, choosing instead, to remain comfortably numb, amongst the false security of the blind flock—preyed upon, by wolves, dressed like sheep.

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The Creative Forces.


The mind is the source of every distortion existent in the body which originates at the subconscious level.

Healing is done in accordance with the counteracting Creative forces, or natural (universal) laws of Nature. Every disease or ailment at its source, is nothing more than an impedance to the natural, abiding flow of energy through our physical bodies.

These obstructions, once rectified, resolved and healed at the quantum level, will aid in restoring the body’s four primary functions, i.e. circulation, assimilation, relaxation and elimination to meet the needs (perfect health).

It should be noted, that the subconscious is amenable to change, at the energetic level. The mind must be prepared for any changes or healing to take place.

Through the exertion of psychic force, the Creative forces (natural laws) are exerted, as the active force, to counteract any laws which have been broken (the cause of every ailment, manifest in the mental/physical/spiritual body complex) and out of necessity, will promote a self-producing healing.

Any changes that are made, are in strict accordance and permission from the person receiving energy (vibrational) work.

This is a universal, or natural law of freewill enterprise or agency, which is an immutable law.

Photo by Mervyn Chan on Unsplash

Wandering Muse.


There is a way
in which
a peaceful warrior roams.

in spirit & flesh.

Between two worlds
aimless abandon
to rekindle what’s right.

Healing this planet
while resurrecting
one’s self.

Looming uncertainty
remains intact
as he searches
discovers his art.

Forgoing romance
in the flesh
abiding in spirit
until the one who
whispers so softly & serene
traps his heart in hers.

Abandoning material gain
for what is cloaked
in fulfillment
intact in nature.

Little remains
for what’s lost & broken
except unconditional acceptance
of what is
here & now.

Nowhere else
to wander
one realizes
once they’ve arrived
at the gateway
peering through the veil
of their soul’s reflection.

Photo by Paulius Dragunas on Unsplash

The Solemn, Solo Wanderer’s Vow.


Excerpt from Dec. 1, 2016:

Taking a stand can be earth-shattering

Surely leading us into the abyss

What’s unknown

Mysterious and uncertain

There is no guarantee that our choice will promise us grace

Utmost curiosity or utter disgrace

Failure and humility will surely heal

Whichever wounds we inflict

So long as we’re willing to forgive ourselves


Asking the same

From those who are innocent

Integrity is either forged or compromised

In every moment

Breath and tale we weave

Each heart pounding or breaking choice we choose to believe

If there was a map or key

Would I even navigate life

Along the beaten trail

Only opening doors that others have opened before me

Pioneering will shatter illusions



Lack of vitality

We’re here to live fully

Fruitfully and true to our destiny


Feel this waking reality.

Photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash