Belief Work

Belief Work is a major and minor chakra clearing and restoration method that can be performed in-person or at a distance (over the phone).

My focus, is to offer that preliminary space as both the observer and conduit, through which healing changes are witnessed—abiding with natural laws of governance and rightful (willful) permission of the individual receiving such work.

People often hear affirmations, visualize imagery in the mind’s eye, or feel energy movement coursing throughout their body—exclaiming how subtle, yet dramatic new insights emerge, along with an enlightened sense of well-being that is tangibly felt—offering that restorative peace we need for proper vitality.

We’re striving toward clarity of mind, body and spirit—that broader connection—bridging energetic and physical health, through right-mental activities (resolution through forgiveness).

Session length is 30-60 minutes.

  • 30 minutes: $44
  • 45 minutes: $65
  • 60 minutes: $80

Online invoicing, via Square Merchant (email & credit or debit card required).

Belief Work is a holistic approach to resolving issues stemming from the mind, to bridge our physical and emotional bodies with spirit, as that necessary healing catalyst.

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Terms & Conditions: All services rendered are final. No guarantees apply. Payment due, upon completion of any applicable services rendered.

Belief Work is not intended to diagnose medical conditions or suggest any subsequent treatments for any individual’s prevailing conditions. Seeking the advice of a physician is always recommended, prior to working with a professional in any healthcare field.

Belief Work is solely the author’s own proprietary method of energy healing and intellectual or spiritual guidance (all permission-based).

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