Briefly pausing long enough to reflect on his past, where he was this time each year before, thankful that he’s passed through such turmoil.

Knowing there’s no end until the day he becomes no longer.

Abiding gratitude overwhelms him often. The simplicity that nature offers one living as a human, in spirit’s form. Suited to live more naturally and now reformed. A destructive process, no more alien than being born, except this journey entails awakening of spirit, while residing in the flesh—newly reborn.

Ever-tempting him away from his purpose—his role, the illusory nature surrounding him shapes itself in such a pattern that if one remains attentive enough, they may begin co-creating this wondrous tapestry with conscious intrigue, surreal awareness and humble rightness.

Natural flow or rhythm restored, being human becomes one’s truth, grasping nothing once more.

Image credit: Arto Marttinen, Unsplash


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