Clear Sight.

paul-morris-167780-iloveimg-resized.jpgAbout a year ago, I concluded a two week fast, spending ten days of it in the neighboring mountains surrounding Missoula, MT.

When Spirit spoke, concluding that trip, a clear answer arrived, stating, “Just do what you love.”

My search for truth following that period led me to my current residence of Boulder, CO. By turning away from falsehoods and steering toward truth, writing has become the cornerstone of this metamorphosis and transition through the Hero’s Journey so-to-speak. The process of negation, or destruction of beliefs is helping shatter illusions surrounding me so I might see through my own delusions and embody better health over time.

As our life becomes a more naturally abiding experience, we can learn to accept the process of decay as a natural process that we might liken to our rites of passage. Shedding ego and identity uncovers our depths of knowledge and understanding, realizing it lacks any real wisdom or essence. Experiential learning teaches us how to embody our human nature—integrating mind, body (heart) and spirit.

Truth becomes evident and we embrace further awareness in more waking moments of our awakened lives. The search ends just as soon as it begins. Spontaneity and trusting in spirit leads us where it will.

Image credit: Paul Morris, Unsplash


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