The Real Hero’s Journey.


If you’re struggling beyond comprehension, it’s my experience that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough, which may appear as a breakdown. This is perfectly natural. Breaking out. As one begins dismantling their ego’s identity and surrendering to falsehoods (delusions), the human form may begin functioning naturally again, over time. This is where we observe more balanced states of health, when the mind, body and spirit become attuned to the natural world. We’re largely disharmonic as a society, but nature is ever-vigilant in its tone. If we but surrender, and learn to face death at every turn—even welcome its company, we’ll eventually reside in states that resemble what might be described as truly living.

We’re simply facing fear and severing our attachments to it, through the practice of ultimate surrender and unbiased detachment.

We’re becoming the hero of our own journey.

Image credit: Lucas Alexander, Unsplash


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