Embodying our Spirit-Nature.


There is spirit residing in all things—animate and inanimate, alike.

If there is indeed some God, that so many worship—or Gods, than there is surely some anti-Christ as well.

I've surmised this, because I myself have explored the darker origins of my own awareness, stillness and being-character.

As sure as there is a higher vibratory nature, there is also a destructive force that compels those lower impulses to react.

We're able to summon either—darkness or light.

We are nothing more than the instrument or vessel, through which spirits reside.

Our identity is a construct—an illusion.

Musing ourselves, is nothing more than a matter of which embodiment we wish to entertain, perceived here in the material, mental and spiritual planes.

Just as we look upon our masters, they look down upon their slaves.

The choice is to be shepherded or enslaved.

There is worship and there is praise.

Are we a free people, or simply the embodied race of disdain?

Image credit: Alberto Restifo,


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