He’ll Search for Many Lifetimes, Just to Find Her.


He'll let her know he's interested

Evidenced by his willingness

To overcome his idle fears.

He'll go out of his way

In his own unique fashion

To share how he truly feels.

Confiding his spirit’s lust

Heart’s longing and wandering mind with her

No matter how much he masquerades.

She'll never have to wonder if it's her

His piercing eyes

Magnetic mind and pounding heart are set on knowing

More intimately than any other

Or even himself.

He'll find a way

Exploring the magical wilderness—lost for quite some time

Before stumbling upon

Standing before the entrance

Into the caverns of her heart.

Eventually revealing his own vulnerabilities

Shadow dance and lifetime of mistakes.

Her perfection to him is a glorious work of art.

He'll study every part of her in awe-struck admiration.

Sheltering her mind's musings from society's dismay

Clearing the way for her spirit to rise and holding space for her shadow to play.

They'll daydream of one another each passing day

While imagining the merging of their two souls.

There’s no foretelling how long two mates must wait

Before uniting in bittersweet

Splendid unison.

Having finally discovered the one they’ve called out to

So many lonely nights and tearful moons.

Winters past and summers too.

Bridging time—crossing the great divide of space

Imaginations realizing what they’ve always known innately from deep within

To be utterly and defiantly

Madly mysterious but true

Hearts colliding on this fateful date—the moment we say to ourselves

“I’ve finally found you.”


Image credit: Brady Bellini, Unsplash


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