Seven Generations Past—Earth Warriors’ Re-birthing.


Seven generations shall come to pass.

The corrupted minds of those who knew not,

To listen,

Will have a singular choice:

Become what you stand for or be at the mercy of what you fear.

We speak on behalf of Mother Nature,

Her laws and natural order.

No corporate branding or financial tier.

There is but one method of survival,

To live in unison with—amongst all life,

Cherished here.

Water is life.

Why must we resist,

Tolerate abuses and face political strife—to protect what's right?

Solutions are buried,

Beneath the Earth's soil—where they shall remain.

They're carried aloft,

In the winds that breathe life–turning the tide,

Of our future's wind-vane.

Flowing from the fountain—the steeple,

Of every mountain top.

Shining down upon each of us—so graciously,

Cultivating sustenance and sustainable progress—produced from every sacred rain drop.


Image credit: Kalen Emsley, Unsplash


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