The Value of Change.


Money is just a conduit of exchange.

A made-up construct that we lend value to.

The motive-force (motivation) is our own deed.

Why do we continue playing this game?

When trillions flow out and individuals accept their minuscule ration after being robbed in plain sight.

There lies no value in lending, when money earned is taken, then given back to borrow, on interest.

Are we this incredulous?

That we would simply allow a tyrannical patriarchy to steal away our spirits—our dignity, at the cost of our own sacrifices to meet their gain?

"This is just the way it is."

"Vote, or you can't complain."

Apathetic, whimsical cowardice—these pleas to please, remain the same.

I refuse to stand in silence or bow down to a system of greed.

I'll lay down my own life, to demonstrate the value of change.

Image credit: Tobias Keller,


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