Healing the Mother Womb.


I can feel her pain and shortness of breath.

Petro-chemical parasite consuming her from within,

Cancer spreading rampantly,

Now starving itself from an insatiable appetite of perpetual gain.


Is what we're here to transmute.



Shamans and Wayshowers.

We are the children of the past—your ancestors returned.

Here to take over,

Make obsolete,

Once and for all,

The oil oligarchy's deceit.

Life-force choking,

Open sores bleeding profusely,

Human evolution stagnating.

Too many rivers dammed.

So much preservation,

Abhorrently unearthed.

Petro-laden chemical minds,

Manipulated, drugged and lashing tongues hating.

Agriculture dependent upon chemical warfare and genetic rape.

Openly practiced violence and ignorant speech,

Denigration of brothers and sisters,

Unreasonable to bare.

No more tolerance,

Of a corporate takeover.

Because we've given too much to what's trivial,

Without regard for our consequences—the forsaken.

Our children and their rightful passage into the future—our ancestors returned.

A barren and deserted landscape,

Putrefying values,

Oil slicked ocean and plastic-ridden nightmare.

We are killing one another,

To bask in our sin,

Of living too pridefully—lavishly and ignorantly,

Without regard for our children's future, birthing our return—herein.


Image credit: Jason Leem, Unsplash


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