Critical Mass Awakening.


There are flesh and blood humans, whose life choices have steered them toward investing in materialism and there are those, who've woken up to the devastation an imbalance such as this has imbued.

Everyone's interests are important—at least to them. This is all simply a matter of perception. Some are here, to experience a disproportionate experience, related to wealth, comfort and familiarity—which has blind-sided so many, for multiple generations.

We've ultimately sought satisfaction in external validation, that's led us to believe, we are worthy and independent, because of this. Separation has taught us to hoard our wealth and steal away the value of human life, from those whose indentured servitude relies solely on upholding our illusion—this vicious facade that deludes the senses.

An Order exists today, which has pervaded the collective unconscious—largely extinguishing our deeper senses, of empathy, compassion and community. We've been conditioned for generations, to support the deeds of those, whose only real motive is to gain dominance and maintain control over the misguided masses.

A systemic culture of thievery, deception and ulterior sacrifices, that are apparent here and now—today, as we round the next bend of plausible uncertainty and further scarcity. This is a sign of the times. Will we allow ourselves to remain governed by a doctrine, parading around as a savior, or will we remember our inalienable sovereignty?

We're capable of an infinite capacity to love, behold and embrace life in simple, yet profound ways—absent the overshadowing lunacy of the few, who in the natural order of things, should be culled. Nature is amoral that way.

Our only uprising, must begin in mind—led in spirit and governed by the heart. The natural order of things, will fall into place on their own, once the tipping point's been reached—enough minds, willing to steer the collective shift in the proper trajectory toward peace and unification; cooperation with nature, rather than competing against it.

Critical mass.


Image credit: Matthew Henry, Unsplash


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