Prophecy of the Rainbow.


As the time draws near, the hand we’ve dealt, becomes clear.

The illusion of choices made, freedom enslaved.

Campaigns bought, ignorance wrought.

A nation of co-dependence, apathy and coup.

Separation, division and consumerism bleeding through.

Special interests plaguing, pervading, betting against the people.

Native ancestral rights trodden, demoralized, yet never forgotten.

Sharp fangs, penetrating the soil, poisoning water with crude oil.

Cries of anguish, an oppressed people’s nightmare.

Standing up for their heritage and righteous place here.

This vital network, ecosystem no longer intact.

Diversity lacking, too much fracking and genetically modified hacking.

Indigenous prophecies from our elders, warning of seven generations coming to pass.

Before the children of the rainbow, would again return.

Waking us up, raising awareness of our landscape.

Here, to teach and heal.

Our aboriginal ways, roots, origins, vitality and rebirth.

Welcome, these new peoples, to this time and place—our new earth.


Image credit: Dylan Gialanella, Unsplash


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