The Beat Path—A Modern Day Nomadic FairyTale.


The beat path is nothing we’d expect it to be, nor shall it ever become anything other than a mystery to our imagination.

Walking this path, is the only way to fully realize what it means, to live a life as a nomad, healer, way-shower or guide.

We’re creating our modern-day fairytale, absent conditions placed upon us, by a maddened, indoctrinated and cruel society.

Some of us may wander and roam about, lead an artful life, or subjugate ourselves to a whimsical world, while others show up each day and tireless moment, tending to our children’s needs, a friend’s concern or simply in acknowledgment of a stranger who’s lost.

Nothing defines the beat path and it remains far from the beaten down, trodden and eroded trail that so many persist, to remain a part of.

My journey has included an immense amount of time in suffrage, so I might eventually prevail—at least for a genuine moment in spacious wonder.

Many lost nights and days spent in awe-inspired sadness and confusion.

Time in nature, has helped me soothe and heal my many wounds—in the mind, heart and spirit.

I lay down each night, underneath the moon and starry sky above, without concern for my own needs—knowing they’re always met, in their own divine timing.

Each day, I awaken to the majesty of what lies before me, here and now with grace and ease—presence of mind, body and spirit.

What does your beat path mean to you, dear, soul-child whisperer—aimless wanderer, mind full of magical mystery, healer, artist; star-spirited traveler?

Blessed are those, who’ve awakened and are awakening to their calling in this life.

Our purpose here is to serve and in doing so, heal our own wounds.

Discover what humbles you, delivers joy in each precise moment and ends the suffering of expectation—relating to a life which may never come to pass.

Practice humility, as you journey onward, through this waking and dreaming life, conjuring miracles and spreading happiness around you.

Be kind to yourself and when someone is unable to do the same, remember that it’s up to us, to rekindle that likeness within ourselves, in hopes that it affects others, in some good way.

~ Thayne Ulschmid

Image credit: Breno Machado, Unsplash


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