Drifting Off, Into NeverLand.


Drifting off to sleep


How much I wish you were nestled up

Close to me.




Seeking comfort

In the shelter of my body.

Everything we struggle to cope with

Separate from one another each day.

Melts away when we’re close to the other

In Spirit

at night.

Bathed in one another's love

Healing magic


Temptations and tranquility.


I know

There's only one way this will ever last.

Holding you in highest regard.



Accepting your divinity from afar.




Letting go of your hand each day

So you may wander your way

While I wander mine.

Getting lost


Into your luscious


Star-studded eyes.

Imagining you might be thinking of me

In the same moment

I'm thinking


Loving you too.




What lies deeper within.

That majesty within you

I may have otherwise missed

Had our paths crossed sooner

In this waking life.


I'm grateful

We've met again

In this life

Hoping that perhaps

Another chance will adorn itself

When the next life



Opportunity to finally hold you


A new day.

~ Thayne Ulschmid

Image credit: Nathan Anderson, Unsplash

#ThayneUlschmid #HealingNomad #BodyWisdomCollective


4 thoughts on “Drifting Off, Into NeverLand.

  1. Thayne,
    Is it really such a divine universe that I have woken from the dreaming this night of the very one you spoke of? My moonshine, as I am his sunshine. We are whole now. So much pain before, & now this wide open welcoming door. Even though most of the time right now we must gaze from afar, we share a fire within us that warms any hearth. For when we look into each others eyes we see the whole Beauty & wonder of the universe reflected back to us. When we do get our magical moments when Day meets night, we talk of all the pain, because together we are making it go away, lost in never land to sink & burn. We have the most gentle way, the most fierce way, only the truth, & justice will prevail. At close contact with each other, the energy & electricity of us can be felt so strongly. And others rejoice with us, even if they don’t quite know what the happiness they are feeling is….& the blood sucking vampires feel rage, how could they lose control? They have all the money in the world, that can’t buy truth, happiness & love. How enraging! They must go down they say! But it is the time of the rebirth, of the making new for those weary that have toiled & suffered enough. It is the age of vampires burning in their own words & actions. As compassionate & empathic as we are, sometimes you just have to laugh, deeply & with sincerely, you hadn’t been allowed for so long….& warm your hands by the fire. When the fire is dying, & the laughter quieting, sun & moon meet again. For the union of their bodies, in a way that they never could imagine before. A homecoming, an indescribable Ecstacy…unless you too know our “little” secret…..

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