When I Look at You.

165aTVpzTXGMXu1azUdy_IMG_8468-iloveimg-resized (1).jpg

Nothing else matters,

When I look at you.

Something I wish for,

Long to do,

For just one more moment,

Gaze deeply,

Into you.

While I fall asleep at night,

I wish it’s you,

Lying next to me.

The one,

I’ve been looking for.


Lonely and abandoned,

For so long now.

Looking into your starry eyes,

There’s something different.

Something still.

Something that still remains.

Why do I gaze,

Getting lost—losing myself,

In your eyes—lusting,


Forgetting about everything else?

For just that moment,

All else is long gone.

What is it about you,

That makes me smile,

Tear and makes me so wild?

All these years,



Simply awaiting your arrival.

Into my life,

Your sudden entrance.

For a moment,

Or an eternity,

There’s simply no telling.

It makes no difference,

Whether you’re laughing or smiling,

Happy or mad.

Still—I stare,




Into your essence,

Into those teary eyes.

Assuring you,

With reception,


Calming those sad or tired eyes.

My only wish,

Is to stare through time,

Into those studded,


Quiet eyes.

Getting lost with you.

Losing all semblance,

Any trace of time.

For us to lose ourselves,


For just a moment or two.

Another moment or so longer…

That song,

You’re listening to…

It may have been written,


Founded on love,

For someone else.


Other than you.

But that song,

Will forever remain,

My reminder.

My reminder,

Of the memory,


Gazing—eternally lasting.

Looking into your eyes,



I could steal just one last glance.

Just one more moment in time,

Looking at you.


Image credit: Alejandra Quiroz, Unsplash


2 thoughts on “When I Look at You.

  1. It is amazing how perfectly you feed my most deep and secret fantasies with your feelings and words. This one is so special ❤ and in " Witnessing You" you just found a kind way to love, deny and go. What would you tell her?? How would you unite words to confess what you feel (everything) …and just walk away from her eyes? Write to us….Please. .

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  2. I appreciate your thoughts and sentiments, Marina. You know, I’m still pondering just what I’d say to her. There’s a lot that stands in the way—in between us, that I’ve yet to figure out, the ‘how’. How would I make this work? Am I even worthy of her, entering my life? Am I worth her, leaving behind her life, for me? F*ck. A confession—everything. I’m at a loss, where I’d even begin. The last thing I want, is to walk away from this. But, is what I want, grounded in reality? So I guess, I’ll write a poem—a confession…


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