Brother Elk.


Excerpt from an eery night spent in the wilderness, back in September, the 25th of 2014:


Tucked under the blanket of a starry sky in the heart of the Rattlesnake Wilderness area, 18 miles from the modern-world, I dreamt wildly throughout the night but a singular portion of my dreams, still vividly haunts me.

One aspect of my waking dream involved a bull elk who appeared before me in an obvious gesture for my help. The animal’s health was visibly deteriorated and its body bore superficial, open wounds and rotting flesh. It could best be described as the living-dead and was a terrible sight to witness.

Some kind of man-made leather harness was strapped around its body and I knew immediately that He (my spirit animal brethren) wished for me to remove it. This magnificent animal, finally succumbing to its peril, lay down and rested at my feet for a moment of reprieve.

I unbuckled the leather reins with earnest reverence for the immense suffering and slow, suffocation this animal had endured. Scorn filled my anguished heart along with remorse, prejudice and obvious discord toward the parties responsible for such callous action, ignorance and malice behavior.

My father was present, although I’m unsure he recognized the depths of which this disturbed my Being. I believe he felt as though there was nothing we could do about this insanity and reckless abandonment—this ill-fated treatment of another life form. The animal lay before me, surrendering to my immense love and condolences as its last remaining breaths of life began to slip away.

I pulled manmade stakes from each of its ankles, freeing the beautiful creature from this death-harness and a life of purgatory. No longer tortured or vanquished by this thorned strait-jacket, the elk mercifully perished.

I fought back tears of anger and resentment, scouring my mind for someone to blame these atrocities on and the revenge I’d seek for this kindred spirit’s suffering.

Somehow though, I knew on a deeper, subconscious level that it was me who had bound the shackles, who had imprisoned, handicapped and enslaved this animal.

I recognized the disease that has swept over humankind—a mental illness causing Brothers to enslave one another; be it Man, Animal or Planet. Each engrossed by the other in perpetual madness, governed by the illusion of separation (egoic predicament of the mind) from Creator and all that is.

We have forgotten who we truly are—our nature.

This dream indicates that Now is the time for me to act, that my life’s purpose is to serve others and that I can only experience true, unbridled freedom if all of Humanity is liberated from our individual, illusory shackles of separation and suffrage. Man, Animal, plant, soil, water—all birthed from our Mother’s womb; every life form, here on Earth.

I woke from this dawning moment of realization in the middle of the night, visibly shaken and terribly upset. I openly wept for this creature, this Spirit and its torment, representing the suffering we’re all experiencing collectively—our souls crying out for redemption, solace and freedom from bondage; severance from the veil that has imprisoned our minds, the wounds that have scarred our hearts and the amnesia that we are all, One.

We are Spirit. Let peace of mind prevail and reign down upon us, unto this Earth; into this Garden of Eden. ~ Not mine, but thy will be done.


Image credit: Drew Hays, Unsplash


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