Steering Into the Unknown: Facing Our Fears While Opening our Hearts to Change.


A lot of emphasis is placed upon certainty, reliability and routine—what’s familiar to the ego and mind.

So many of us have been taught to get in line and follow suite—adhere to the path that has been demonstrated as a viable means to procure one’s needs, while supporting the current growth model of economics and prosperity.

Fewer however, are so willing to venture off this path and choose to brave the unknown, despite whatever looming fears they may have in doing so. There’s nothing certain about exploring new territories. The possibility that we’ll fail is always on the precipice, just prior to rounding the bend of ultimate discovery and realization.

For most of my adult life, I steered away from fear, believing I was actually turning toward what was best. This has often been the comforting choice or one of least resistance. It offered solace from the storm, providing for my basic needs and usually, plenty material wants or desires. I fit into the mold that so many do, yet something deep within always seemed to linger—a sense that something was missing from my life, no matter how much I sought to fulfill this void.

Not to discredit my past…

It was meant to be, so that I could learn from all that was needed to embrace a new direction and purpose in life. We endure so that when the time comes, once we’re called to act or lead by our highest dominion, our bold nature and character have been refined enough to accept uncertainty without faltering. Yes, we may stumble and even fall, but we’ll inevitably rise, if we but choose to embrace our individual rites of passage.

Fear is not something we must give in to. We do not need to resort to a mundane or monotonous life that only perpetuates what is oftentimes, the result of patterns transposed by self-limiting beliefs over time. When we are instead heart-led, we are granted the opportunity to unearth our shadow nature and those aspects of ourselves that have long remained dormant through repression (giving into fear).

Once we’ve largely let go of our past identity and egocentric programming, the only barometer necessary to reveal so openly, is our humility. We’re granted a window or glimpse into our totality, that we can learn to accept and embrace. Our greatest power lies in unifying our two polarities.

The gateway lies within…

What our intuition and heart ask of us, may contradict all that’s stood the test of time before now. Logic, reasoning and a contrary notion that familiarity, illusory satisfaction and material gain are the key to success and dignity. That sense of self worth may appear to exist in the things we obtain or possess but it’s not birthed in these prescribed virtues.

Status quo can become a pandemic of measures and values that elude temporarily, the universal laws we’re never separate or apart from. Remember, only a few minds or systems of beliefs and ideologies have influenced the actions and behaviors of the majority throughout history. So never disregard that perhaps, you are one of those brilliant seekers, meant to steer planetary change onto a new course.

We cannot guarantee or rely on anything remaining the same, although it’s certain that change shall persist. The more malleable to this notion we are, the more accepting of an abiding nature, we’ll become. To a degree (more or less than we may fully realize), we are governed by an unknown, unseen, yet somehow tangibly evident force of nature. We are destined, but are not beholden to becoming anything that our free will does not wish to seek ultimate fulfillment or evolution from.

If we simply decide that what’s been forged is what we shall remain pardoned to, then so be it. But, if one’s heart yearns for all the inumerous mysteries lying beyond what’s readily apparent to us now, we might actually discover that a world of wonder, unbridled truth and brilliant possibilities awaits.

Whatever it is we fear, only serves to awaken us to our higher potential. We eventually decide that these fears are merely irrational thought forms that we’ve likely been convinced to believe because social norms strive to dictate such contrived systems of control.

A free spirit can never be contained…

Remember, we’re given every chance to turn back, at any moment along this often times, perilous journey. We can always return home. We can give up and resign to what was. Failure is always an option, as is turning our back to what beckons our heart from repose.

I’ll assure you though, that if we choose to acknowledge our fears and sternly will ourselves to face them, just to witness what exists beyond our prior borders, our lives are certain to change in ways that defy logic, comfort-seeking or any amount of fleeting gain that can be achieved outside ourselves.


Image: Cristian Newman, Unsplash


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