When You Meet Someone.


The span of time feels like an eternity while we’re alone, until that fated union of two hearts collides once again.

In one sudden moment, we’ve forgotten all of our past heartbreaks and sorrows—diminished by the rising tide and moon’s alignment.

All that’s led up to now, comes and goes in the blink of an eye—just a figment of our imagination. We lie restlessly in our cozy beds that have become so fitting for one. Now though, we imagine the thought of this other person lying next to us. He can feel the soft delicate texture of her skin while inhaling her intoxicating fragrance and holding her delicately in his embrace.

That period of limbo seems so trivial suddenly, when we are again swept up in the throes of our heart’s strings—tugging at us while we wonder if perhaps they are tugging at them too. Irrational thoughts flood the mind as we peer into our newborn future with this other person by our side. A new sense of purpose and identity is born and we are soothed by the notion that what lies before us actually stands a chance at becoming true.

A vivid recollection of what we’ve dreamed of, imagined and hoped for throughout all of those passing seasons—the time that’s vanished before our wandering eyes as we’ve aged in years, yet grown more mature and youthful in our childlike nature. She haunts his thoughts as he tries to focus on his routine obligations. Now he struggles to find the words he’s been preparing for her all these years, realizing just how much love can blind him suddenly.

He fears revealing just how much his heart resonates with hers.

Her radiance emanates far and wide, over the many mountain passes, valleys and oceans. He is warmed in the embrace of her soothing sunshine.

Determined to win her over somehow, he plays the unsuspecting and innocent arrival into her life. Deep down, he dreams about her laughing and gazing deeply into his glistening eyes. His romantic ideals have always been his safe haven during times of solitude. More than anything, he desires to know what might be revealed within the cavernous hallways of her mind—the darkest depths of her soul.

His heart aches, because he’s familiar with the reality that he’s holding on. He has held onto this fleeting love, just one more time. Feeling foolish, he relinquishes his true intent and backs away quietly. He’s reminded of where he’s at on his journey and where she is on hers. The impossible odds that something might ever come to fruition overwhelm him and so he resigns.

Alone is where this heart shall remain, until an unspecified amount of time has lapsed yet again—his nature, a quandary. The perils of loving and losing what was so brilliantly exquisite and within his grasp for a mere glimpse in time—all in the same fated, yet solemn breath. Spellbound no longer and rationalizing his senses to move onward, he looks down—bowing out gracefully.

The only answer is to love unconditionally, acknowledging that despite meeting this exquisite soul mate, these two paths were only meant to converge for that bittersweet, surreal moment in life—two hearts and spirits dancing eternally before fading into a glimmering memory, trapped in time.

Her beauty and majesty will not be forgotten, her revelations always safe within the space of his heart where she felt safe opening herself up and expressing her bold, divine and sensitive nature. He wishes he could forget, that he never had to feel this way at all, only to remember that it’s imperative he remains open—heart broken and brimming with unconditional love.

He’ll always reminisce how desperately lost he was for that fleeting moment, when he fell into the abyss of her dark, brown eyes—where she held him in her embrace, for just awhile.

The role these two splendid souls played out for that fated heartbeat in time was merely devised to awaken them more fully to the purpose they’re each here to serve and fulfill—prophecies united and born once again, like the phoenix and the flame.

So he lets her hand go and steals his last glance while watching her walk away, before turning his back and heading in the opposite direction. Atop the mountain pass, he shall rest alone this eve, knowing she exists, is alive and well, residing peacefully and hopefully feeling more complete, in the distant valley shores below. With a trembling heart, he grieves her loss so that he might understand her on a deeper level and someday, perhaps in another life, he cherishes the thought that they might meet again.

Image: Patrick Fore, Unsplash


4 thoughts on “When You Meet Someone.

  1. Your words always hit me right in the heart chakra. I understand your yearning. I’m sure many of us do. Life is short, time is precious, and often we spend so much of our time locked in situations that leave us feeling more alone than necessary, but the alternatives are also so lonely. Which is the best way? I read your words, and I am reminded of the loneliness so many of us feel during these times. We work on our soul’s growth, and hope that those around us will also come along with us on the journey, but often, it is us alone going through the growth, the changes, the awakenings.

    Peace and blessings to you Thayne. Keep writing, keep dreaming, keep the faith. Your Epic love is waiting for you.


    1. Kendra, I’m glad my words resonate with you. As you said, life is short and ever-so precious. I’ve spent way too much time in such situations myself and only wish to be free, whether I’m alone or in the company of someone I love. The best way, may not always be the path we’d wish to follow but I’ve found that through some of those intense, lonely times that I have found a little more of myself. We may hope that some will come with us on these journeys, but ultimately we’d be holding ourselves back, if we chose not to continue onward. Our influence is what will affect the most change around us and within. Peace and blessings to you as well. Here’s to faith, dreaming of that life we deserve and that epic love that awaits us.


  2. HI Thayne,
    I think somehow, I was meant to find you and your words as they are the balm and calm that I seem to have needed at this moment in my life, having had an encounter that touched me deeply, but was fleeting in its way. Thank you for the reminder that we, ultimately are the ones that we want.


    1. Hi Linda, I’m glad that you found these words meaningful and that they offer you some solace from the storm of life and its infinite uncertainties. We always find ourselves however, when we are reminded to seek within. Best wishes.


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