Let it Move Through You. {Poem}


I can feel it.

I can feel it moving through my body.

Last night I was rinsed

In the darkness of night.

As the rain soaked me to the bone

I cursed and yet I continued

Up to my resting place.

This Sentinel peak

Where I ended up lost

But was finally able to find my way.

Today I realize that it’s time

That it’s time to let go.

The sun has again warmed my skin.

I no longer shiver when I think of my past.

We have arrived at 9-9-9

Which marks a time when nine years

Is swept out from beneath us.


Breathe into this new phase

This new transition of life.

Let go of what’s ailed you.

Rid yourself

Of all that’s tremored your heart.

Allow the salt from your wounds

To meet your lips.

Reunite with the spirit

Which resides eternally within.

Never fear that you’re alone

Because it exists within you.

All that is.

Love is all there is.

Love yourself and love others

For each reflection is nothing more

Than ourselves in spirit.

Let the rain and the sun

Soak you to the bone.

Let your spirit guide you.

Move on.

Image: Matthew Wiebe, Unsplash


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