Labor Day Dreams. {Poem}


Lying restless upon the ground

While listening to the sound of rainfall

I wonder about the journey beyond

The shadow

Blankets me

Prior to dawn’s arrival.

As morning arrives

The migrating robins sound

Indicating the arrival of a new season

Nearing its way toward us.

Thoughts flood my mind

Pen and paper reveal

Words that seek the light of day.

Expression and a heart’s desire unite.

Time unfolds

The mystery before us

As we traverse the stillness

Of all that is.

That period between dreaming

And waking reality

When we’re not quite sure

If what’s reeling

Is real or an illusion.

This day has brought rain

And now


Tonight marks six weeks

Of spending one’s nights

Atop the Sentinel

Towering over

The five valley’s hub.

Nature has revealed

A new story

For me to fathom

Each time I’ve arrived

To my beloved resting place.

A curious deer

Following me

A boa

Made of rubber

And time

In solitude.

These omens are meant

To reveal what truths

We’re meant to learn from

So that we might walk

The path which leads

Into the still night of day.

Until we round that bend

There’s no telling

What light

Cast upon the darkness

Will illuminate.

Image: Andreas Wagner, Unsplash


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