How to Love a Wild Woman.


A woman who is truly wild, is not one who is easily seduced or swayed by anything less than the most modern, wild and seductive man.

She can pierce his soul with her vibrant senses and alluring personality.

Knowing this, a modern, sophisticated, yet innately wild man, who’s both mindful, mature and captivated by her intellect, will take his sweet, abiding time getting to know her and seducing her mind with his own mysterious intercourse. There’s no fooling a wild woman, who’s been bitten, beaten and spat out of this harsh world’s predicament—from the depths of her past imprisonment.

She is only wild, because her heart has been torn free—from torment, abuse and a victim mentality. She carries herself with the utmost of respect and demands nothing less from the man she will reveal her naked soul to. He understands the pain which has been dealt to her, because his own open wounds, while still healing, resemble hers in so many profound and deeply revealing ways. They can be felt—her scars and phantom pains, from oceans or continents away.

He cannot fathom whispering anything to her, other than his own, vulnerable, unbridled truths which have lay dormant within the cavernous halls of his own dark mind and burning soul for a seeming eternity. Patience is a virtue he has grown accustomed to, relying on his wistful emotions to infiltrate her empathetic nature so that she might understand that he too, runs wild at night under the cover of darkness, totally carefree.

They each illuminate their own path and only blinding love can illumine a wild one’s heart.

Two people like this can only come together for a time, for they both know that this kind of love, no matter how profound, gravitational and erotic it might be, is meant to be held onto for a waking and surreal dream period of life, just long enough to etch one another’s imprint upon the other’s soul.

They dance like mad people whether alone or together, while the gaze of an envious crowd can only stand back and watch—the heat between two wild spirits is so intense.

When she speaks, he listens intently. He absorbs what she’s saying and will continue to introspect upon her words and haunting voice long after she has said her peace. Sometimes, he is humbled at the provocative tones she might possess him with as he shakes off the etheric scent of her tender appeal and magnificent glow.

He can only wonder what kind of passionate love a woman like this will make with him, as he braves each of her unrelenting passes and eluding behaviors. She’ll serenade him with her hips-sway and intimately dance around his mind during the twilight hours, into dawn’s next day. Brimming romance is an art she has perfected and one, that only a wild man’s heart-forged stamina can mingle with too.

Her level of intelligence would otherwise destroy a lesser man’s sensibilities, for he refuses to fathom her broad, intellectual refinement, yet mutually wild nature, like a lion poised to lunge upon its unsuspecting (helpless) prey. Her breathtaking, stunning beauty captivates this wild man—both her internal and outer majesty. His loins quake, imagining the sensual, seductive interactions they would have and he often wonders if she’ll leave him shattered afterwards, with her reckless abandon and siren’s song.

It’s worth it to him, to bear the scars of a woman, who is truly wild, mystical and intoxicatingly methodical, yet innocent in her seductive, magical and soul-stimulating ways.

Despite whatever kind of momentary marriage these two might fancy as a wild lover’s union, his respect for this serenely aware, awakened and divine goddess transcends all worldly transgressions. The admiration for a woman like this would be expressed in his actions, in ways that can only be interpreted by her rarely revealed, exquisitely surrendered nature. She will witness him sob and he’ll fall to his knees, but she will not let him beg for her savior.

Instead, a wild woman stands tall, while her unquenchable love consumes him once again, because it’s in her eyes, hence his gaze will reveal, where he can again recognize himself—who he truly is and why she stands before him, so stern. Only a truly courageous man, who no longer pities himself, can stand next to a woman who’s fallen and now risen again too.

She is giving and accepting, but not easily taken advantage of, for a wild woman’s intuition and wisdom is impeccable—her temper, if unleashed, potentially fatal.

Together, these two wild creatures may inflict an unfathomable love upon this Earth, influencing other young, wild and awakening warriors to courageously rise and accept the calling, in an ever-enlightening world shedding its madness—infecting other dormant souls with their wildly beating hearts.

He bows to her with modesty and blushes when she laughs. Staring into a wild woman’s eyes will shake him to his core, but he will feel a heartbeat within himself that makes him realize his fear of dying no longer lasts. Just as a storm will surely pass, such is the dance of two wild lover’s romance—the season of a wild, eclipsing love.

This kind of wild love is unconditional and simply cannot be held onto for too long, for it was never meant to be contained—fleeting, yet eternal.

Image: Kaci Baum, Unsplash


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