Learning to Lead Our Lives by Trusting in our Own Intuition. {Second Adaptation}


There’s something magical that takes place, when one finally begins allowing their intuition to lead, while letting the ego trail behind.

Intuition is that subtle, yet defining presence or voice in our life that speaks to us, from deep within, our highest truths.

I’ve spent the larger part of my 34 years here on Earth, allowing my limited ego-driven mind to shape a life that’s proven to be well-suited for a society, governed by economic pursuit, rather than an intuition and heart-led experience.

Unfortunately, I’ve also let the influence of others outweigh my own judgements, perceptions and feelings. Having a chameleon nature, this has been a difficult path to negotiate, where I’ve often times found myself incredibly lost in life without a clear direction—especially one that’s heart-led or intuitively driven.

In order to even begin discerning what intuition is, we must know how to differentiate between our ego, what’s directed by the mind and what’s orchestrated by our higher self (intuitive aspect).

The mind and ego work hand-in-hand, as a function that has adapted itself to the life we’ve led, through our direct learning experience and what’s been taught to us. It’s fear based and relies on systems of routine and order—what’s familiar to us.

The conscious mind, is really nothing more than our programmed lifestyle, usually defined by what society has presented to us as an acceptable mode of living and existing. It occupies only a small percentage of our overall comprehension or awareness.

Our intuition however, exists beyond all borders and constructs of what this life has taught us (decisions, emotions, actions and behaviors). It occupies the substantially larger aspect of ourselves, also known as the subconscious.

It is but a whisper, which reveals to us exactly what we need to know, in this moment at any given time—it’s an innate knowing that transcends our limited, conscious (trained) awareness.

It’s a subtle voice or feeling, that often times sounds just like ourselves speaking [to us], but from a place that transcends any feelings, fears or subjective logic (learned behaviors, i.e. fears, common sense logic, etc.). It’s a driving force that summons us to seek beyond routine and what’s readily known or familiar to us. This can be a scary phenomenon, because so many of us have trusted, without question, the organization of present-day society and its mechanizations.

We’re often times confused and conflicted because the ego has governed our decision-making process for so long. Beyond this, we’ve relied on other people, once again, to influence how we go about leading our lives, i.e. what’s practical, acceptable or is considered a social norm’.

Learning to trust in this inner voice, feeling or hunch which often defies explanation, is our pathway toward inner and outer growth—soul progression and transformation. Our intuition will never lead us astray, although it may lead us through what the ego will perceive as a destructive process. We can liken this to the ego death experience, or period of disillusionment where beliefs no longer serving our well-being are eradicated—stripped away and eroded by the construct of our higher self aspect.

It becomes a humbling attunement, to let one’s intuition lead the way—we begin to embody more humility and less pride throughout this learning process.

Personal and extensive time spent in the woods, out in Nature, is where my intuition often speaks so clearly to me. Away from the worldly distractions and pollutants that would otherwise tamper with our ability to explore resonance with the natural world (and ourselves). When I am quiet and begin to listen, answers I’ve sought will eventually arrive—so often with divine timing.

New questions are posed and a newfound appreciation for this life dawns upon me. Gratitude and pleasure in this waking moment become a vivid realization. Joy radiates within and around us, when we sit with our intuition for a time. Mysteries become evident truths and what we thought was true before now may become trivial.

Intuition is that aspect of ourselves that transcends the physical body and mind.

It is the essence of what we are, beyond the grave and our own perceived identity, which is part of what this life is meant to teach us—the illusion that we are separate from all other things. Our intuition reminds us that no matter how different we may seem as individuals, apart from all else that exists within this subjective reality, we are inherently all one—a part of, but not separate from one sentient, collective unconsciousness.

Intuition draws upon the past, present and future as one, immutable form of communication that is interpretable by each of us in some way, shape or form, if we but learn how to trust in and recognize it.

Walk with your intuition for awhile each day and let it share with you what’s so glorious about living in these physical bodies while we learn what lies beyond the veil of illusion (waking life). It’s within the space of stillness and silence where our intuition will reveal what’s necessary for our soul growth—moment, to waking moment.

Once we realize we are leading fated lives, we just might start allowing a higher waveform of sentience to direct us in wondrous, terrifying and exploratory ways—beyond the limiting construct of a mind-directed (fear-based) society.

There’s a world beyond what’s known or tangibly perceived via our limited five senses and there’s a voice—deep within, that will help translate, what this majesty called life and its mysteries are truly all about.

Image: Tirza Van Dijk,  Unsplash 


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