Something Beautiful.


I don’t have to be here.

I am nothing.

Where’s the glory in what I’m doing,

When nothing really matters?

I’m about to have a mental breakdown,

Because I’m broken, alone and afraid.

What’s the point in sticking around,

When life is nothing but a mirage?

If I lie awake long enough,

Maybe this dream will end.

But who’s to say,

When nothing’s left—that all of this is for something?

There are tears welling up from within,

And a death wish that simply will not pass.

I don’t need to make sense of a senseless reality,

Where no one seems to care about anything worth living for.

There are times I wish it would be done for me.

My life,

Taken before my very eyes,

As I rise above,

Away from here.


Image: Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Something Beautiful.

  1. So glad to have discovered your work…..the words are a balm to my soul, reaching past the hurt and through the walls I’ve put up….for the first time in a month I’m feeling my way again, feeling clarity, and finding my way back to myself – I’d lost me for awhile there. Thank you, deeply.


    1. Abigail, thank you for reaching out. I truly appreciate the words you’ve shared with me. I really hope you continue feeling more and more grounded as time goes on. We inevitably lose ourselves, so we might find out more of who we truly are—unearthed in a sense.


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