The Brilliant Unison of Love.



Seduce her mind and you will win her heart.

Bow to her with humility and humble grace.

Look up to her, but know she is your equal.

We are all fallible in nature—let her see your scars and open your tender wounds for her to heal.

Be her own healing witness with unconditional acceptance.

Cast a shadow, only so she may feel a sense of relief.

Be her guide and protect her insecurities, so she can remember her divinity.

Let her embrace who she truly is, without attachment.

Stand brightly in your own integrity and let her witness your inner prowess and faults too.

Never beg her to stay but always cherish her freedom to go, if she must.

Trust in her as you trust in yourself and allow your friendship to outweigh all else.

Companionship between two flickering flames is a formidable alliance, gilded from the depths of unconditional love, recognition and commitment to one another's individual and collective soul journey.

Pray she chooses you, not based upon some front or illusion, but through our own disgraces, mistakes and struggles.

If she forgives your past, you may have a chance at winning her true love.

If you but open your heart to her, she may return. If not, always view her as your momentary saving grace, ally, partner and friend.

Never expect her to become something she simply is not. Forge her strengths but challenge her weaknesses in a way that demonstrates to her, the potential for greatness.

When her light is dim, cast your own inner glow upon her with a love that carves deep crevices within the intricate framework of her tranquil beauty for this current to flow.

Lastly, be willing to heal her wounds unconditionally, whether she ever accepts you into her life or not.

Walk away if it is not for you—if her love is not yours to embody and embrace; to cherish, everlasting.

We're always walking to or away from the love of our lives and will never know which corner we'll round before mating with that mystical splendor of true love that only two souls could have imagined in brilliant unison.

Long before we arrived here, we knew. That is how we'll know, "It's you."


3 thoughts on “The Brilliant Unison of Love.

  1. Love can only be received if it is first given, from a distance so to speak. Love is not about how to get this or that. Maybe the love we feel and give will be returned in the same fashion, but we can not make it so. Love has a life of its own, we should not stand in the way of it, but rather trust it and let it work its magic. Only the things we are brave enough to let out can come back. Love works only when our guard is down, when nothing stands between hearts and souls.


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