Public Service Announcement: My Life Plan.



I've not made any official declarations regarding this until now, but I'm semi-retired.

Yes. I'm 34 and after all that I've witnessed and been a part of these past few years, I realize that life is happening—now.

Some may wonder, "How?"

I don't have a retirement plan, a 401K or mutual funds.

I'm not wealthy, monetarily. However, I'm rich at heart and I'm finally doing what I absolutely love waking up to each day.

So again, it may baffle some, just how a person could do such a thing, at such a young age.

According to old belief systems, by the numbers, I've got another 30 years of career ahead of me and for most people, they'll willingly make that mad dash each day—40, 50 and even 60 or more hours of work each week; to serve a variety of purposes like monetary and material gain which no longer serve the notions I firmly believe in.

It's a steadfast devotion to doing what we love—that's it. That's all Spirit asks of us—to do what we love, passionately and without compromise, guilt, explanation or excuse. Right, wrong or indifferent to anyone else's personal evolution.

Life is a choice. How we lead it is a choice. I don't have the answers for you. It's your choice to decide if you'd rather chase after something that may never arrive or learn to just be present, here and now.

This manifesto is not for everyone's taste, nor do I have any desire to even compromise on other people's beliefs. Save it. It will fall upon deaf ears. My mind's made up and once I've decided upon something, nothing can stop me.

I do not resonate with economic growth and profits (at the expense of our planet and Her countless inhabitants) to consider myself worthy or righteous (well, maybe sometimes but that's just my limited ego-self speaking out from time to time).

Again, many must wonder just how to go about becoming semi-retired at such a youthful age when so much opportunity to get ahead, lies just beyond….

I'll tell you my secret:

I've created what I call, a life plan—not totally unlike a retirement plan where one saves for the future but rather, a plan that I settle up with each day of my waking life.

My currency lies in the moments, not a bank account or financial institution earning interest off of my hard-earned (illusory) dollars that so many work feverishly to obtain.

A life plan consists of doing whatever it takes to live fully each day, because I've personally witnessed how, in just the blink of an eye, life can be taken away from us.

Impermanence is where the value and wisdom lies, I believe—not in possessions. To accept this, is a testament to what it means, to live fully, now—ever-present and attentive to the energy I'm investing here and now with those who appreciate my company and vice versa. I'm learning to own it.

All else is arbitrary. It doesn't matter, nor does it add up in terms of qualitative memories—investments through time, made through actions like happiness, content and laughter; even sadness or despair from time to time. Because guess what? That's life and it's all just a roll of the dice.

We're all part of some grand plan or mystery. I'll gladly give myself back when Creator deems it time to do so. That I've accepted. I no longer fear death, having brushed up with it so many times now.

Our understanding of death is largely false and highly misunderstood, anyhow (according to popular belief).

Tomorrow is not guaranteed, nor is my life granted unto me for sure when or if 30 years from now does indeed roll around or come to pass.

If I've not ever learned how to truly live until then, I may as well not have ever lived at all. These bodies are not ours to keep, nor is anything we may obtain outside ourselves. When I pass, this body will be surrendered to the same fountainhead which fed, clothed and nurtured me—through the proverbial thick and thin times.

To those dealing with depression, or loneliness—abandonment issues or lack of vitality, I'd encourage you to examine your life as you see it now from an outsider's perspective and I dare you to consider changing how you choose to earn moments worth saving and holding onto for those times where we need them most.

That's the kind of currency we can always rely on—of which will always be there for those rainy days.

We were not meant to fit in. No. We're misfits, meant to stand out and it's time to do just that. Let our influence be our guides, as way showers and wanderers—human angels and guardians of genuine spirituality, not dogmas or institutionalized beliefs; means of control and fear cultivation.

No apologies or explanations. Families, friends, loved ones and strangers can simply stand back in awe and/or shake their heads—whether to judge or admire; however they please.

This is free-will and I'll be damned if I don't start exercising it each day of my life. I'm tired of handing my power over to others and biding my time for something to change or that dam to finally break.

Abundance is whatever we create and whatever we make of it, whether it's in those material gains or pleasures—suffrage or utter joy; for no reason.

We're not here to please, impress upon or do as 'they'd' wish us to—simply to make 'them' feel comfortable. I'd encourage you while reminding myself, to stop dimming your light on account of others.

They're living their lives quite fantastically, even if their impositions remain under-foot for a time. Never give in to other people's sorrows or conditional beliefs.

Speak up, wildly and absurdly. Scream and yell if you must, to release that pent up hostility I know so many of us harbor. It's poison, you know? To hold onto such negative, low vibrational energy…let it go. Forgive, when you can or are ready to. Until then, fucking kick and scream—have your temper tantrums and stop giving a fuck what others think.

Seriously, fuck them if they can't do as you do and can only wish for you to step down from your alter of freedom and transparency.

Not all of us are slaves. Some of us will always be free, whether our bodies are beaten, imprisoned, worshiped or ignored. No one, not even the few can capture our spirit or imprison the mind, unless we allow it.

We're here to change the world and it happens in the mind of each individual, first. The sooner each of us empowers ourselves, the more effective our influence will be on those who are also awakening. To all else, their time will come and eventually the awakened ones will rule the world.

I have just one last parting statement: stop worrying ‘how’ it will all work out. If that’s as far as we ever get, we’ll never truly get anywhere. It’s in the experience, the wonder, awe and grand mystery where life truly awaits us.

Live happily—die young; no matter how old the body may get.



8 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: My Life Plan.

  1. This resonates with me as do so many of your posts. I have felt trapped for years. I did leave a job that sucked the life out of me for a much more laid back position with great people, but it’s still status quo. Kudos to you for having the courage to chase the life of your dreams. Glad I stumbled upon one of your posts some time back on Elephant Journal. You remind me that we are not alone. We are all so much more alike than we ever admit. ❤ Much love Thayne…….Namaste!

    I really related to this section:

    To those dealing with depression, or loneliness—abandonment issues or lack of vitality, I'd encourage you to examine your life as you see it now from an outsider's perspective and I dare you to consider changing how you choose to earn moments worth saving and holding onto for those times where we need them most.

    That's the kind of currency we can always rely on—of which will always be there for those rainy days.

    We were not meant to fit in. No. We're misfits, meant to stand out and it's time to do just that. Let our influence be our guides, as way showers and wanderers—human angels and guardians of genuine spirituality, not dogmas or institutionalized beliefs; means of control and fear cultivation.

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    1. Thanks for reaching out Kendra. I wish I had more answers, but I’ve learned that leaps of faith will get us closer than merely dreaming of any move that will maneuver us closer to these places we wish to arrive at. I wish you the best of luck on your adventures and appreciate the sentiment. 🙂


  2. hi Thayne! I would love to hear how your day is going! I mean, all this philosophical deliberation is great, and I agree to a degree, but could you actually give me a vivid description of a few days, in all details, how they went, what happened, what was enjoyed and noted most, from wake-up till bed time, what were your days like, for the entire week?
    because I’d love to really know.
    Also because I think this is a beautiful idea, but I’m not so sure if it practically can be done. so yes, I want confirmation.
    I’m sure you could survive on your own, and even enjoy most of the time…. but (here I’m going to sound like my friend when I speak of freedom of life where one enjoyed each present moment…) how can you do this IF you have someone else to support as well? be it a pet, a partner, or a child… when you take responsibility upon yourself for someone else’s life, it becomes a more complex and difficult game than when you have to answer only for your own self, no?
    I’d love to know how to do both 🙂
    Best of luck to you (because yes we all need luck too).

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    1. Hi Inna,

      Thanks for reaching out. Sure, I’d love to expand on my own personal life and how much of a grand mystery it truly is. To start, I’d like to expand on just how swiftly one’s life might change. Brexit is a prime example of how overnight, an EU member state can become its own sovereign nation.

      Back to my day-to-day life: I wake early, typically around sunrise, especially during summer months like right now where I’m residing in Moscow, ID (United States). Over the past few years, I’ve gradually gravitated towards a lifestyle that allows me to work remotely from my laptop. That being said, I love waking and enjoying a cup of stove top espresso while responding to people such as yourself who reach out to me through my writing channels.

      It’s not uncommon for me to have two solid hours of work done before 8 a.m. (I work a lot, when at home in whichever city I’m currently residing). Until recently, I lived in Missoula, MT. In the past, I’ve done a variety of things to make a living and pay the bills—typically an 8-5 kind of job like carpentry. Since 2008, I’ve been directly involved in a handful of startup companies and in 2014, I started my own business.

      My ego had me convinced that my chosen occupation, industrial design and fabrication would suite me as a viable career choice, but I soon realized that my heart was not in it, nor has it ever been in any occupation I’ve had until I decided just this last December that no matter what, I was going to write. I felt faithfully, that through my writing all else (all of my needs, including monetary gain) would arrive as a byproduct of my writing.

      I’ll assure you, just how deep levels of programming can stem. I time and time again, was tempted by fear unconsciously, to go back out and seek a day job for security purposes. One choice that may have separated me from many others was that I was willing to make this transition at all costs. This notion is not uncommon for many entrepreneurial spirits to make. I was willing to be homeless if need be, rather than retreat to the solace and temporary comforts of that dreaded 8-5, working for someone else and enriching their life at my expense.

      To-date, I’ve been officially homeless on two separate occasions; quite literally, out on the streets. So you might be able to see now, why I no longer fear the unknown. I realized during these periods of time what self-worth truly means vs. pride and expectation to be something I’m not, for the sake of other’s comforts or ideals. I’ve stepped beyond the threshold that holds so many back and realize, after meeting other people who’ve had their lifestyles stripped from them, that this phenomenon can happen to anyone. No one is immune to losing everything, but in doing so, I gained so much more. Personal freedom, acceptance of my shadow self and acknowledgement that monetary wealth will never buy genuine happiness.

      I dared myself to do something different—far radical from the social norm. I discovered who I truly am and what purpose I am here to serve. I enjoy writing each day and have found a reciprocal nature, doing exactly what I love. Understanding that it would be challenging to earn a living this way, I still opted for this and have quite surprisingly, despite many odds, demonstrated enough value over time to earn a living doing this.

      There’s no possible way I can even begin to tell you, where you ought to begin. I have no idea where you’re at on your soul journey or what your mentality is. If too much fear is present in one’s life, I find it hard to imagine, them successfully exploring beyond their own comfort zones, which explains why the world is in such affairs that it is today.

      So here I am, sitting in a cafe, sipping on some ice brew coffee and writing to you. I write, revise and communicate with others nearly every day. My lifestyle is such that I enjoy my service usually, six out of seven days of the week and it’s not uncommon to work all seven of them. We’re all here to perform. There’s no easy way to get around not doing something, so to that, I say, do what it is that you love, because this life is fragile and I’ve seen it stripped away from others, one too many times to live in fear and accept a mundane lifestyle for myself. Disease, job loss, accidents, etc. We never know.

      I love going on regular walks, bike rides and hikes to name a few hobbies I take part in on a regular basis (good health is truly one of my main motivators—including mental health). Travel is also a part of my life and I spend a lot of time in the backcountry. There’s less and less differentiation between days and I’m often baffled now that so many accept what’s handed to them and deemed a satisfactory life. I also understand that many, if not most are perfectly content with such a life. To each their own. I’m not here to invade anyone else’s free-will but am assertive about anyone else attempting to abridge mine as well.

      I’m fortunate. I have strong family ties and bonds, although far from perfect. One might view my life as a constant state of wonder, mystery or even limbo. I embrace more moments and can make any kind of changes really in just a few short months, if I deem such a change necessary to leading a healthier, more substantial life full of moments that offer joy or sadness and everything in between.

      I accept what flows in terms of emotions. I do like routine and plan often. But I do not believe in our financial system and project its eventual collapse. I’m slowly learning how to garden and homestead. I gravitate towards others like myself and am fortunate enough to have what I’d consider a tribe, finally in life. I don’t have children nor am I married. I still have debt obligations, but have stopped using credit these past few years. My overheads are low, because I’ve chosen a minimalist lifestyle—free from the possessive need to possess possessions. They’ve never brought true joy or long-lasting fulfillment to my life.

      I view what I own, either as a tool, asset or resource that is used regularly or I’ve simply held onto just a few things that have personal sentimental value to me. I have no idea where I’ll be next week or what I’ll be doing. I can project, but the future is illusory and does not actually exist, nor does anything that’s ever happened to me in my past. This understanding has helped me let go of a lot of pain and torment that I’ve experienced and helps me direct my life accordingly today by not steering into anything that might cause more of the same.

      Believe it or not, but the more independent a person becomes from many of their debt obligations, the less money they are beholden to earning each month, week or day. There are times when I have no idea where money will arrive from, but somehow, it never seems to arrive late and often times, shows up exactly on time.

      This is a faith based life. I support my community diligently. I’m aware of where my dollars go and where the things I’ve obtained came from. Tomorrow for example, I will enjoy the company of family (brother, sister-in-law, nephews and this weekend—grandparents). Yes, my parents have helped me out financially in the past and for that I’m grateful. Upon realizing that I’d been accepting bailouts for a time, I learned not to ask for help and to instead face any predicaments that I’d walked into headlong (my own doing or volition). Failing at my first business for example. I wound up on the streets and it took several months of spending my nights at the homeless shelter or outside before I was back into an apartment.

      You see, this no longer phases me. Yes, it’s inconvenient and for many, there’s simply no way they’d ever allow themselves to get there. I, for some reason, felt deep down that my personal choice was that of personal evolution, spiritually and to shed many of these common monetary attachments. I no longer own a vehicle, nor do I need to pay for insurance or gas. Many times now, I’ve realized not to make sense so much of where I was at. Like, my time at the homeless shelter where I developed bonds with people, learned from their experiences and quite honestly feel as though I was there for some type of collective healing. Again, there’s really no way for me to clearly explain this, make sense of or analyze too deeply. It was temporary. It has no real bearing on who I truly am or how I feel about myself. I love myself, unlike I was capable of doing for the majority of my life. I love life and the opportunities that still await me.

      If you can imagine, my gears are always turning. I am after all, an entrepreneur. So, it may not come as a surprise when I say, that after five years of design and R&D, my next business venture has become ever so close to a tangible reality. As a matter of fact, yesterday inspired entirely new insights and some plans I’d made months and months back, were easily scrapped to make space for what suites me today. My ego, lets go easier now and gives way to my higher self or higher power and what it desires of me. This entails that I go out each day and perform, again. Selfless acts, generosity, etc. Anything that’s in accordance with higher, spiritual laws of governance that all of the Universe abides by.

      Again, so many have so little. Despite my setbacks and slow, yet steadfast progression away from the material life, I still have more than literally, millions, if not billions of people around the world. Get it? I’m grateful for what I have and whenever I feel as though I’m lacking something, I remind myself that all of my needs are always met. This helps me differentiate more clearly between what’s a need and what is merely a want. I let go of the latter until a time comes along where that might change. I’ve fasted often too. So, I no longer fear the idea of starving or anything like that.

      I have an incredibly small footprint now and love it. The moment we question any of this, beyond the present moment, we are tunneling towards a state of fear, unless it is strictly from a place of wonder and detachment. I still suffer and cry or sob often. There are still many dark days, but I am no longer imprisoned like many today still are or I used to be. I finally feel as though, no one owns me—that I am truly sovereign and exercising free-will from an empowered stance. Energy is everything and all of us are inalienably tapped into this eternally flowing nature.

      We can choose to remain patient and allow what we want to arrive instead of attempting to force it. Our collective unconscious is always communicating to one another and so much more communication is taking place amidst the ethers. So, before this interaction ever occurred here, in the physical plane, you and I (our higher self aspects) got together and prepared for this to happen. We’re just now following through, physically. This is how we move energy. Sitting in meditation all day, every day, will unlikely deliver much to its recipient. I’m not a guru, nor am I quite a sinner or saint. Just human, bumbling along—sometimes aimlessly and others, 100% driven to accomplish something. All the while, helping others along the way and monitoring my own states of health. If something needs fixed internally, our outer world will reflect the same as an indication thereof.

      Did I mention tomorrow’s farmer’s market that we’ll all be attending? My dollars support local community for the most part and I spend on groceries at the Co-op vs. large grocery store chains (exception: Winco which is an employee-owned company). Do you see where I”m going with all of this? It’s scary, sure. But that doesn’t stop me from taking such risks and betting on winning, even if I lose or fail. I have a tenacity for not giving up. To many, I may appear as weathered or stoic because I’ve truly weathered a lot. Not that my life is unique to anyone else’s. We’ve all weathered an immense amount and there’s no way I could truly know what kind of suffering you for example have dealt with.

      It’s not uncommon for me to work nearly every waking hour of the day, writing or helping others with something they need assistance with. People seek me out often for advice. I’m clairvoyant, so I can offer insights into their lives from time to time. I don’t know. Obviously, my choices are nowhere near black and white. I only know this: that I was always miserable before finally committing to doing what I love. It’s nice to know that on a whim, I could move or travel or take a week, maybe two off and head off into a neighboring wilderness area for example. If it doesn’t come to pass, it wasn’t necessary to experience or have in my life.

      I’d love to someday, be a part of some type of community of conscious people, living off-grid. No, I do not know any details of the ‘how’. Once we question that, every ounce of momentum, whether in energy or out here on the material plane is vaporized and I must start over. Does that make sense? I trust in the Universe and often affirm what I want to be a part of my life. If it turns out to be selfish in nature, it’s unlikely to materialize but if our intentions remain pure, then I firmly believe that anything is possible and can indeed, come to pass.

      I’ve done more, exciting and worthwhile (write home about) things with less money and less resources then I could have previously imagined, not too long ago. I won’t even attempt to figure out how I’ve made it happen, but I know that when others are willing to help, let them—at least for a time and always be willing to help others in a way that is conducive to good health. We can all offer something and it doesn’t always have to be monetary. Intellectual support, or a random act of kindness is repaid unto us in kind. Hope this sheds just a little more light into where I’m coming from and where I’m going.

      At the end of the day, I’m quite the ordinary type of human being. I don’t view my experience as above or below anyone else’s and feel compelled to offer insights as a source of inspiration and empowering motivation to question the norm and go for the gold. Whatever works for each individual…there’s no glory in instant gratification in my personal opinion. I see that many suffer, because a lack in faith, trust and patience. Imagine, if we just slowed down the pace of life. I’ve discovered that a walking pace is healthiest for me.

      Maybe I’ll go outside now. No one is holding me down or holding me back from doing anything, the way even just last year, they were. Good luck. I’m here, if you’d like to ask anymore questions. Feel free to email me anytime.

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  3. Well I say Congrats to you Thayne, and may you Be Blessed for all that you share with the world.
    Your Life Plan is how it should be in Life. But so it is not, It can be a choice for anyone to make.
    Thank You for this Public Service Announcement 🙂 🙂 Best one I have seen in many years.
    Hat off to your continued success 🙂 🙂


  4. This is quite a pledge to make and I appreciate the bravery behind your decision. Just one question: What does semi-retirement mean? Maybe you already described it, but I missed the point.


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