Dear Father,



When I was young I remember falling down many times.

I’m sure you were there to pick me up but what I remember is you teaching me how to get back up on my own.

You couldn’t answer all my questions nor did you ever try.

And now that I’m an adult I can see how and why we drove you crazy at times.

You taught me by example.

And for that I thank you.

Life was never meant to be easy or always graceful.


You did your best, always—to lessen the blow that life delivers.

As an adult I can see that now.

We probably can’t fully appreciate just how much a father does until we fall down as adults yet again.

Despite my pride not to ask, somehow you always know when to ask if I could use a helping hand.

But I’ve never forgotten what you taught me all those years ago.

How to stand when we fall.

To this day you stand.

You lead by example and have not wavered for the 34 years I’ve been on this Earth.

In my mind that’s a testament to the devotion a father possesses that I hope someday I can express to others myself.

May, as I’ve heard it described before, you thoroughly enjoy the sunset years of your life.

Opening your heart to your grandchildren and making the most of the moments with the family you helped create.

The one you’ve nurtured and found one way or another, time and time again to keep our connection and bond intact.

Happy Father’s day—all my love.


“To every father today.”


One thought on “Dear Father,

  1. A most Beautiful and Moving Tribute to all Fathers. Brought back memories of my Dad who has to long been gone, But I will send this to him these wonderful words, in knowing he will hear them.
    Thank you for sharing Thayne
    Many Blessings


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