The hour of revolution has arrived.

437920447_9318805ba8_o (1).jpg


As voter fraud becomes more and more transparent, amidst every other area where our nation’s governmental agency or corporation has failed us, we’re beginning to recognize the truth that revolution is not only on the wake—it’s necessary.

In 2012, I attended a Ron Paul campaign.

He insisted that the young people of this country revolt.

This time around, it’s Bernie Sanders speaking transparently of “bought and paid for” election campaigns.

Voter fraud pales in comparison to the proxy armies/wars our government and others are culpable for birthing and allowing to run rampant, worldwide.

It will never be convenient, preserving our inalienable freedom.

Only those who are willing to endure the worst, are capable of succeeding at overthrowing a now, outdated system of checks and balances.

We are not here to make profits or to ensure the wellbeing of the minority of those who pull the strings in world affairs.

If you are apathetic and only care enough to take care of yourself and your own needs, you’ll likely suffer much more than those who are willing to lay down their own lives to preserve the integrity and welfare of all life here, not just human life.

Asking our children for forgiveness instead of acting now, will surely lead to their own enslavement.

Is life so convenient that we’re willing to ignore the truth of this world’s predicament?

Let consumerism control you.

Allow mainstream media to program your mind.

Keep supporting a tyrannical government who will bite that hand that feeds it.

Live and die for a worthy cause, don’t just be a fucking cog on the wheel.

The only empowerment any individual will ever know, is to live and die by the sword.

The sword of truth, empathy and love.

There’s but one way through—revolution.


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