Growing Awareness in a Shifting Society.



The more aware I’ve become, the easier at times it is to stare into the looming mystery of life surrounding me.

We learn to let go but we also cling to things that we hardly realize are simply possessions and mean so little compared to the intricate framework that life provides to our sensibilities. As much as I’ve learned to embrace minimalism in my own unique form and function, I still hold onto certain things that I identify with deeply. It’s hard to let go, despite my awareness of their identity mirroring my own—who I am, who I’ve been; who I’m portraying myself to be.

I cannot enter into a relationship based around superficial notions or temporary neurotic love lust. It takes time to even cultivate a genuine friendship with a woman without attaching conditions to it. There’s never an opportune time for romance to frenzy but beyond the mask of love’s own identity, lies the awakening experience of two souls, terrified yet feeling the urge to live beyond their own borders—ready to take another leap, even if it’s in small doses this time.

Two people who spend that quality time getting to know the essence of the other while digging deep into their own psyche for shadow work that needs to be resolved is a beneficial aspect of becoming more aware and attuned to ourselves. Instead of entering into a relationship, two mates might work through their individual soul work alone, while getting to know each other over time. We don’t have to drop our baggage at the entrance of any new friendship or engagement. Each new mirror simply reminds us of what can be worked on—not thrown at the other to ‘fix’. There’s no escaping our own karma.

It takes time opening up our wounds and vulnerabilities while always risking that proverbial rejection. I’m learning through my own awareness and observation that most of the time, women with whom I’ve become acquainted to, just want connection. Real, genuine engagement—a sounding board and confidant. This has nothing to do with sex or sexual gratification or the insinuation that this will ever lead to some kind of romance. Even if infatuation ensues, it’s only temporary.

What lies beyond that illusory facade?

Can we help one another work through our spurts of awareness growth?

Can our mirror offer us the space for us to see into ourselves just a little further?

As the old saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Well, the same could be said for adults as well. One partner will unlikely help solve all of our soul growing issues that we each must face throughout each passage of our lives. Knowing that we have others to confide in on levels of deeper awareness helps us on our way individually while collectively contributing to higher states of consciousness. Not every partnership or individual is so fortunate to have someone or someones they can confide in without feeling judged or condemned—or that something is expected in return for their shedding and enlightenment.

Awareness of these fundamental needs that everyone is expressing silently, is what leads so many of us to continue opening our hearts and minds while learning to transmute what we get hit with in life on our own. We are catalysts for change. Energy transmutation is essential to our shift in awareness as a global, awakening society.

There’s a real mess of emotions and healing to do out there (and obviously, within each of us). This, we must all eventually realize so that we might stop pointing our fingers at others and instead start inviting people in so that witnessing and healing can take place. This will require bold measures and will likely draw out many of our own discomforts for us to work through.

My awareness scares me at times and I’m just so thankful that others are experiencing scary awareness as well. As we realize more, we ease up on how we react to our understanding of the natural order of things. Hopeless ideals fade away as newer realizations dawn their awakening truths. The more aware I’ve become, the more I’ve learned to lead with my heart and to trust in the unknown while maintaining conviction in my trajectory.

Sometimes, I feel like I need to dim myself and retreat—like the potential of moving forward becomes so great that I am stricken by it. I fear what could become and I resist allowing it to reach fruition.

Eventually though, I step through. I move forward and I take the next leap of faith. Time, awareness and introspection arm me with the knowledge, courage and wisdom to enter the battlefield of life one more time. Not every battle is won. Some are ended in a treaty or complete downfall. Nonetheless, our awareness grows, shifts, transcends.

What was ordinary, becomes obsolete and what used to be just a hope or dream has suddenly taken form in our lives. Routine often kills our senses and the wonderment to explore beckons us to peer beyond our current awareness. Remaining open to new experiences, our awareness expands and we grow on so many levels.

Awareness shifts the patterns of the world around us over time. The more aware we become to the atrocities that have left scars on my own heart personally and nightmares for me to try and shake loose, the sooner we can learn to cultivate that unconditional, universal forgiveness for the human predicament.


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