The struggles, sacrifices and strengths of Platonic Love.



Every so often, my romantic Libra mind and heart falls in love with a beautiful woman.

It’s really not a problem (wow, I sound like I’m in denial or something)…

But what’s truly important to me, is that whenever a woman has invited me into her life, that I honor her commitments and boundaries.

There’s a level of mutual respect that two lost souls are seeking out.

Beyond that, our yearning to connect and communicate freely, absent the notion of sex or expectation is highly sought as well.

I admittedly have to work on the latter part often.

Because it’s natural to me, biologically as a male whose basic instinct is to survive and procreate—struggling with that primal dominance while my intellectual and heartfelt desires slowly rise to the surface of my conscience.

From a man’s point of view, when a woman opens herself up to me I am granted an opportunity to delve deeply into this woman’s soul—transcending the sexual desires, sensual passions and pleasures to discover what lies beyond.

Mutual attraction often makes this stage difficult—getting over any infatuations or lustful fantasies so that two people might actually connect on those precious levels.

We need connection. We need touch and security. Affection must satiate our need to seek the pleasures and pains of abusive pasts.

Boundaries are instilled over time and this is how we can gauge our own evolution.

“Am I being true and honest to her and myself?”

“Are my intentions pure, or have I placed conditions and expectations upon this budding relationship?”

An ability to remain present while detached enough to offer valid advice helps.

At times, I do develop a bias or fondness for someone—particularly the opposite sex.

The eyes deceive from time to time but our hearts never lie.

Some people recoil at the thought of genuine, heart-felt connection.

So many people believe that a platonic relationship is a threat to their own romantic connection and commitment.

The nature of platonic love is unconditional.

Some platonic mates rarely speak to one another, but every once in a great while.

Other platonic friendships occupy even just a little space for one another each day.

They vary widely in their scope and function, as we all know that we could use some additional help and support from someone who isn’t necessarily attached to our personal experience so intimately.

Nonetheless, the connection and moments are real and memorable.

Always learning from one another, encouraging or challenging growth and acting as a sounding board—to witness and help shed personal torments or issues that need resolution.

Once two platonic beings have overcome their own shadows and have taken off enough masks, they realize how valuable this type of relationship is.

I personally find it hard to believe that one woman will complete me in all of these areas—there’s never been just one.

Each person I meet and commence getting to know a little deeper has taught me something uniquely invaluable to my own personal soul growth.

Many have expressed their own gratitude for learning something from me too.

It’s a beautiful dynamic that more people could benefit from.

There will be moments of discomfort and compromise—disagreements and differences of opinions.

Why should we confine ourselves to one person to bare the weight of our world?

What if we could rely on more than just one partner, a family member or friend?

Imagine how much soul work could be done through the diversity of close and intimately personal relationships, absent the arena of sexual engagement.

In a society where sex seems to be portrayed nearly everywhere, in some way, shape or form, we could use some influential, loving relationships to commence blossoming here on Earth.

One of the toughest things I’ve been dealt, is getting over what the eyes see because it’s been programmed in me for so long.

“Dig for that soul lying within.”, I tell myself.

This so often offers me an opportunity for introspection and new revelations.

A constant test, is determining how truly shallow or deep I am when in the company of others and how I view them externally.

This helps me grasp just how much I’m viewing and judging myself, internally.

There’s constant reflection and gratitude when dealing with matters of the heart.

I’ll just say it, I believe that the majority of women are missing that valuable connection with men.

We need more men to show up and get over their superficial nature so they might actually be of some genuine service and benefit to women intellectually (and in the heart).

This, I’m sure could be reflected in the opposite way as well.

I need more women to show up and teach me how to be a better, platonic friend.

A real service to an evolving world—it begins in the mind and heart.

How can we connect this way?

By putting ourselves out there while remaining as transparent as possible.

Some if many, are not ready for this and that’s alright.

The longer we remain honest and truthful in our own hearts, the more likely it is that we’ll attract the same back to us.


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