Awaken Children of the Rainbow.



I believe that those of us, who've become a part of a budding space-age society should leave this planet eventually—whether it be our generation or the next to follow, along with creating Utopian bio-sphere societies that float and meander in the clouds, here on Earth; drifting peacefully above our heaven we call Gaia.

Let the indigenous peoples of this planet remain and live in perpetual harmony with all life here as it was intended by Creator. Let us not encroach upon Nature any longer.

We're observers—here to learn our lessons and wander beyond, throughout the cosmos at yes, quantum speeds; at the pace of light itself; tunneling through worm holes and in-between dimensions.

Let this birthing space race cleanse this planet of its madness and peril—restoring it to what it once was.

The light age has arrived and transmutation of matter instantaneously, has been solved.

Tesla was the embodiment of which our greatest technologies to-date were bestowed upon and it's time that his inventions are shared with the world, not hidden from. No starvation, no wars, no more catalysts for the destruction of a dying planet.

It's time to rise and set sail for distant horizons, planets and galaxies too. It's time to meet our galactic family who've been dancing amongst the stars for eons, observing us all along.

It's a choice, whether we invite them to assist us or if we'd rather battle it out to the bitter end—allowing the human predicament to kill and mame instead of cure.

The "100th monkey" principle still applies: this is a revolution in consciousness, not out here on center-stage, where brother is pitted against brother and bloodshed prevails.

Our truths exist within and once we learn to heal our minds, unity-consciousness can again be met—in cooperation with an infinitely loving and ever-expanding Universe.

Let what no longer serves decay and be given back, for it was always, only ever borrowed.

Awaken, warriors of the rainbow.

~ Thayne Ulschmid


One thought on “Awaken Children of the Rainbow.

  1. I have been stumbling on things very similar to this a lot lately, in things I’ve read, videos I’ve become aware of, and even more recently, at a party, someone else was speaking about this as well. Your writing again seems to mirror what is going on in my world. Shows how we are all truly connected.

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