Touch Me. {Poem}



I want your lips to meet mine.

For our hands to clasp.

Two bodies resting into one another.

Heartbeats merging.

Breath synchronized.

Eyes closed.

Feeling each other.


Sweat trickling down our extremities and foreheads.

Root chakras pulsing.

Sacral chakras dancing.

Solar centers merging.

Hearts colliding.

Voices whispering into the other’s ear.

Minds melding.

Crowns toppling over with cosmic delight.

Touch me.

Even if you’re a thousand miles away.

Hold my hand.

Tell me you love me.

Touch me with your heart and mind.

Touch me with your tender voice and thoughts.

Touch me, when you’re touching yourself too.

Whisper my name when you’re alone.

Wander with me when you’re dreaming.

Come to me when you’re in need of my love.

Rest in my arms when you’re ready to surrender.

Give into me when you’re ready to make love.

Touch me.

Let me touch you.

With my delicate hands.

Let my lips touch your most sensitive areas.

Behind your ear.

Along your neck, while my hands caress your scalp.

Your breasts feel so soft and supple.

Your skin shocks me.

Your touch electrifies me.

Tell me where you’d like my tongue to touch you.

When you can’t stand it anymore, ask me to touch you again.

Let us both squirm while imagining what we’d do to one another if we were in each other’s presence right now.

You’ve touched my heart but most importantly, you’ve touched my soul.

There’s magic between us.

Two souls, long lost.

We’ve found one another.

We’ve touched one another yet again.



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