Just Love Her.



Just love her and let her go.

Yes, she’s beautiful—perhaps everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a woman, right in front of you.

You’re acquainted.

You’ve laughed together.

Smiled, gazed into one another’s eyes and for just that one splendid moment, touched souls.

She is not yours, however.

Not yours to pursue.

Her magnificence exudes her and you’re naturally attracted to a woman who shines.

When your heart beats in a rhythm synchronous to hers, you’ll know—you’ll just know.

The truth will resound within every cell of your being—emanating from your aura and hers.

No matter how much the mind will play games, you’ll recognize that it’s not her who will walk by your side.

This will pain you so…

Time will heal this hopeless feeling of, “How will we make this work?”

Finally, reality will set in and you’ll realize that it simply will not ever work out the way you might have first imagined.

Struggle will ensue.

Anger will rise and many sleepless nights.

Thoughts of her will haunt the main-frame of your life.

Her voice and fragrance and mannerisms will plague your spirit.

Desperation will arise.

We’ll start planning on how our lives will bend around hers to make it work, no matter how seemingly impossible it seems.

Then one day, we wake up and realize that we are only meant to love her.

That we’re only meant to offer our unconditional love to her, absent expectation of return and that her path is meant to travel in far off directions from our own.

A glowing recognition will prevail.

Seeing her in a new light will offer us new insights into just who this woman really is.

Her vibrancy will reveal the inner truths our hearts shared from the very moment we first met.

Suddenly, the realization that all was perfect from the beginning and that nothing ever needed to be changed will transpire.

We embrace this moment in silent revelry.

Look at how wonderful this is, to share this bliss with someone on such profound levels that may or may not ever be spoken aloud about.

Just love her.

Each day I think of her, I am reminded to, “Just love her.”

Be her friend, but remain astute to your own path.

A woman we deserve wishes for us to remain focused.

Our strength is the weight she requires to lean on.

Her strength is that her love is unwavering and whether we are her man or not, she’ll love us unconditionally.

Choosing another lover is one we honor.

Our lover will arrive eventually, but right now is not the time.

It’s time to hone our own making—that of the life we’ve always sought to fulfill.

The dream-scape merging with reality will entice the right lover into our lives.

Until this canvas is more complete, if it ever will be, she may find it hard to recognize where this love might lead to.

Security is a measurement that most women will ask of from their man, not because they are insecure but because every once in a great while, the weight of the world can be lifted from them so that it is not their burden to carry—if only for a few moments.

Our physical strength and stamina are for work and love-making but a soft voice and delicate touch are equally formidable.

Their lessons, the many women who’ve sought safe haven within our lonely hearts have shown us the value in sensitivity and the exhibition of our vulnerable nature.

Learning to express ourselves naturally, with emotion will surely help us de-code her vaulted heart.

The encryption is meant for one man and the password remains a mystery.

What’s unknown is the map to discovery.

For whatever purposes, the Universe has declared that we simply love them—all of them.

That is a test for the most disciplined of warriors to master.

Loving unconditionally.

“Just love her.”, his intuition assured him.

Letting go is honorable.

Maintaining a clear vision of one’s path is the way of each spiritual warrior’s destiny.

She’ll surely grant the man she loves passage into the cavernous depths of her soul, if he is pure of heart.

HIs entrance will emblazon his soul, scarring him for eternity.

The phantom pain he’ll feel each time she enters his awareness will remind him of a love once known—long, long ago.

Many lifetimes ago.

More will come and go.

Time will heal wounds and open new ones.

The intricacies of love will dance and reverberate time and space itself.

Surrendering to our fate will reveal what’s meant to be.

Seeing her happy is what makes a warrior’s heart become his shield.

Her goddess nature will mesmerize him.

All the things he’d have otherwise been unable to see in her will be shown to him in a new light.

Suddenly, the perfection of unconditional, platonic love will be adorned.

Two hearts will meld and become one again.

Masculine and feminine giving rise to one another’s soul expansion.

Kundalini awakens.


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