The Path Defines our Soul’s Progression.



As the path narrows and our legs begin to fatigue we rely on our own volition to see the remainder of what may appear as insurmountable or impassible.

We keep walking amidst the darkness.

Our senses narrow, defined by the fear and masquerading beliefs which have held us back for so long.

A part of us must die, in order for another aspect to birth and give rise to its unique expression.

Right when we’re ready to give up, give in and surrender to the mountain that has both shaped and defeated us, we are suddenly lifted up again.

New life emerges from deep, deep within.

Drawing the mountain air into our bellies and lungs, we persist.

Falling, scathed and nearly defeated, we keep going.

Something inside our spirit assures us that so long as we see it through, we’ll live.

Danger may surround us but fear will cripple our ability to surpass what is inalienable.

There’s little understanding in the logic behind why or when.

Simply knowing that the journey never ends will surely re-ignite the internal flame which has never truly died, no matter how insignificant or dim its flickering light may seem.

Determination spells growth and diversity aids in our awareness of what’s truly important in this finite life.

The only dwelling we should accept is that of Spirit churning our chakras and creating our experience.

Go now, be with what you love most, absent the guilt, ridicule or shame that others might impose upon what you so dearly love.


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