The way you touch my soul. {Poem}



Every day I am in awe of how truly wonderful you are.

You do not hide from your shadow.

Instead, you grab my hand despite masking my face—pulling me closer to you.

Our spirits converge just a little more each moment one of us reveals another story about ourselves.

I’m terrified—afraid to express myself yet compelled to expose the many layers that unfold me; to bare my naked soul to you.

There’s a strange comfort in loving someone so deeply no matter how far apart two hearts may travel.

I can feel your presence often and am reminded of how perfect reuniting with a long-lost soulmate is.

It’s all too often not said enough so I’ll say it now—that I love you so much.

Pain and grief dwell within my heart because the only memory of you is that feeling we share.

But it’s love and that’s all that matters.

I love you so much.

It hurts to love you but I know that it’s partly because both of us are helping to heal the other’s wounds.

That’s the reality of love.

I love you, I’ll always love you.

Thank you for tempering my spirit and cauterizing my heart’s wounds with the presence of your unwavering love.


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