The antiquated separation of love. {Poem}



I’m torn between loving you fully and turning away—retreating so that I may move along.

It’s so hard to accept where your heart is and where mine’s at.

Do I show up each day and if so, do I just send you my love in silence?

Would you like me to drop you a line every once in awhile?

It hurts letting go because it hurts to hold on—to something that was only ever meant to be fleeting to begin with.

I’m interfering—tampering with your emotions whether my advance is genuine or not.

Energy speaks…

The trouble lies in restricted areas in our body—obstructing the flow of unadulterated life-force energy and stamina through us.

Reiki and earthing help.

Fresh air and sunshine.

Simplicity—measures of waking from one’s solace.

It drives me crazy that I can’t stare into your eyes or walk with you under the moon at midnight.

I want to ask you to join me, no matter what distance lies between us but this is not grounded in reality.

I retreat.

I cower.

I’m confused.

I walk away.

I look in a new direction and set my sights accordingly.

This love I know for you will remain buried within my heart.

I’m reminded that I still struggle with my ability to self-love.

It’s time for me to continue working on myself.

Some days I feel like I’m not ready for you to look at me.

I’ll focus on feeling joy when I think of you living for you and what’s right in front of you while I do the same for myself.

Maybe someday we can write one another again…until then.

A parting expression:

I only needed to know you were real to trust that love always prevails and for this I am ever-grateful for having met you.

You inspire the best in me.

I wish for your life to prosper—let us thrive.


One thought on “The antiquated separation of love. {Poem}

  1. When you love someone you tell them and are open with them, in a very real and tangible sense. You audibly say the words for that person’s ears to hear: “I love you.” It all starts there. If you feel something so deeply, you shouldn’t need to read between the lines to express that love. I wish you all the best in finding your one true love. You also have shown me through your writing that at least the intention to love so deeply and openly is actually active in men out there- a very beautiful thing in itself.

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