Stop questioning why a woman gets out of your way when she turns you down. {Poem}



It’s ordained.

Their experience is not for us nor is ours for them.

It’s all good.

“Just keep moving along”, I tell myself.

That’s all I can do.

We just keep believing that she’s out there.


Maybe we’re getting to know one another right now.

Who knows!

We have to keep up our end of the bargain.

Service to others and service to self.

Healthy living—what satiates the soul.

That’s the pathway to that person who I’m destined to meet.

We agreed long before this time arrived.

My willingness to persevere through extreme diversity has only intensified my yearning to complete this journey.

To see it through.

To meet that woman I’m meant to walk with for a time.

That’s what motivates me—what drives my effort to grow through sacrifice, endurance and liberation.

Believing in our own good nature will help us recognize her when that fateful time arrives.

She’ll exude that nature we love so much.


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