Let our hearts collide from great distances away. {Poem}



Let our hearts collide from great distances away.

Let’s open ourselves up to that unspoken revelry.

Shared amidst the unrestricted plane of our true nature.

No limits.

Nothing stands between a love like this.

No ocean or mountain range can hide two people from this love.

Love always finds a way.

A high mountain spring trickles down, eventually cascading as a small waterfall, immersed in sunlight, rain and earth.

Winding its way downward—descending upon the valley below where eventually, it becomes a torrent river.

No doubt remains that this single spring is eternally connected to the ocean it becomes.

Every moment I think of you my heart beams—I can feel your presence; never severed.

I appreciate that time stands between us meeting, yet our union is already perfect.

I believe you when you say how much I mean to you and to acknowledge that you too have strong feelings which speak for us—through us.

I rest, comforted that you’re in my life.

I’m reminded that this is truly all one could ever ask for—anything beyond this is simply icing on the cake.


One thought on “Let our hearts collide from great distances away. {Poem}

  1. Such comforting words. I’ve read this three times and I’m beginning to breath easier. The struggle to be at ease with being alone in life, while remaining open to companionship is made lighter with this poem. I truly appreciate your writing.
    I’m an aspiring science writer and nervous about putting myself out there, but I realize you never get anywhere new by staying in one place. I’ve started following writers of all genres, but you are the most prolific. Your message resonates in me and I look forward to your posts. Thank you.


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