Just keep holding my hand. {Unedited}



While relating a mission of mine to support a cause I’m very impassioned about tears began welling up in my eyes from my own memories of extreme poverty.

Humbling indeed, yet allowing these emotions to rise through me in the company of someone else is equally risky.

Fortunately my brother and I have a very close bond and so I only needed to ask him to hold my hand while the enormity of what I’ve held in for so long now cascaded from the innermost caverns of my heart, mind and spirit.

While shedding these intense feelings, I began performing Reiki on my chakras with my right hand for only a few moments each to simply open myself up to the unobstructed flow of vital life-force energy to commence flowing through me.

Equal parts liberating, grounding, emotional and spacial—yet freeing this attachment helped me gain clarity into my life’s path and my motives to get there.

So many times before, I’ve simply held space for myself to let these episodes play themselves out in the confinement of my own room—completely isolated from observers or evidence of the experience.

There’s nothing profound about offering ourselves such a space in time if we only create it.

The results of doing so however are incredible.

For so many of us, we’re here to consciously grow and evolve and to be of service to the collective.

In order for the collective awareness to shift, each individual must be willing to shift as well.

It’s taken me a long time to speak of this matter securely but I believe that emotional healing, processing and transmutation are fundamental aspects of the human experience.

It’s important to stop shaming ourselves if we do lose it, sob uncontrollably or have some type of break down because it’s natural—we’re shedding our illusory skin because we’re growing spiritually.

We’re outgrowing social norms, stigmas and stereotypes.

It’s perfectly natural to exhibit emotions.

As the saying goes, “Let emotions flow then let them go.”

Emotions are natural—it’s our reaction to them that alters the experience.

By growing, we ultimately become stronger.

So we’ll react to less and be aware of more.

We’ll formulate wiser decisions and strategies while trusting in the divine orchestration of all things and accepting our place within in that framework.

We’re getting to our core values.

I’ve felt ashamed for so long to be myself—my playful self, sharing alongside other people in the fun and conversations, so on and so forth.

I’m very introverted but nonetheless, there’s always a medium where we can immerse ourselves and really open up to others who share this central theme.

Normally, I’d open up, feel self-conscious, become insecure in my beliefs and ultimately retreat—going into hiding; isolating myself and shaming myself for essentially opening myself up and being me; authenticating myself to others and expecting a whiplash.

It was my own self-perception and failure to accept myself that would ultimately attract rejection from others (largely unbeknownst to them consciously).

As I’ve revealed more and more of myself to others by expressing my vulnerable and sensitive nature, the repression of dogmatic programming has slowly lifted—no longer a part of me.

My place here is more clear to me and I feel safe owning it—directing my life accordingly by loving myself first and foremost.

I’d encourage others to open themselves up to holding space for others especially if it might make them feel uncomfortable.

This is our own vulnerabilities rising to the surface for us to examine if we so choose.

At some point, it might come more naturally to be there for someone else and to also trust in their company when we’re in need of it.

It’s about reaching out and trusting that we can safely exhibit our emotions freely without shame, judgement or condemnation.

I don’t know if I said this already, but I feel very fortunate to have an older brother who is spiritually awakening as well—working towards evolving in his own life too.

We have a deeply rooted connection—karmic I’m sure.

The time to create support groups for all types of people is now—this is a revolution in consciousness where every voice has the potential to be heard globally for the first time in our human history.

It all starts with us broadening our personal lives by sharing our story with others.

We all cater towards empathy if only we’d exhibit more of it in society.

Evil begets evil—love begets love.

It’s a matter of revealing our true nature—relieving ourselves of these illusory burdens that are physically weighing us down and growing as a single race.

This is emotional liberation at its roots.


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