Stay or Part Ways.


I place my hand upon your heart and feel the beat of your unwavering love.

My head rests, bowing to your presence—my eyes closed and mind racing…whether to stay or run away.

Tears stream down your face and mine.

Time has stood between us for too long and now it seem, is insisting on doing so again.

What obstacles must we overcome to make this work?

How many more trials and periods alone, wandering must we embark upon—exploring the mysterious unknown on separate paths?

My heart whispers to yours every moment I’m awake or dreaming.

But now it’s time and we’re here—two souls caught at a juncture.

Torn between loving one another’s company or running from this imperfectly bittersweet union once again.

Ask me to stay and I will.

Come with me if you will.

Look into my eyes—let’s let our hearts speak.

Are we fated to grow together or will we part ways?

Life will pull us in a million different directions but each morning I wake, it’s you I’m wanting to pull closer.

Great distances may separate us over time but my love for you journeys over every mountain, valley and plateau to reach you—eternally streaming forth from my heart to yours.

I felt it long ago—your love.

You were seeking too.

It’s only natural.

There’s no way we could have stumbled upon the other had we not persisted—had we not been vulnerable for so long.

Opening ourselves to moments just like right now, long before this moment ever arrived.

Well I’m here now.

My hand upon your heart and yours upon mine.

Looking into my eyes as I search yours.

Ask me to stay and I’ll walk beside you until our last day.


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