Love is an intricate dance through time. {Poem}


What is more profound than loving so deeply while grieving over something lost at the same time—something we've opened our hearts to yet refuse to grasp so that we might avoid suffering.

It feels like inexplicable sunshine pouring forth from our heart space and free-falling simultaneously—drawn into the moment, yet swept away at the same time by forces unknown to our fate.

We wander aimlessly and are then comforted for a time—meeting solace amidst the windstorm.

Like high and low tides, we must accept retreats and advances.

Sometimes we must let go of what's captivated us for so long, so we might be carried aloft…to where our hearts have truly longed to reside.

Here, we might seek shelter from the storm—but only for a period, before time beckons us onward.


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