May the Day Arrive. {Poem}


You’ve finally arrived.

It’s true.

My heart.

Is finally open.

I wanted to run.

But something told me to stop.

Turn around.

Recognize you.

Remember what was lost so long ago.

Here again.

In my life.

You’ve returned.

I was terrified.

At first.

That you’d turn me away.

And you did.

So I retreated.

Then you reached out.

You touched me.

Ever so delicately.

You looked me in the eyes.

Your soul spoke to me.

I’d nearly turned a blind eye to this magic between us.

Unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

Our mirrors.

Reflecting so much of one another.

Yet so mysterious.

Your voice haunts my dreams.

That picture of you in my mind for so long now.

Finally becoming clear.

Staring into your eyes.

I can see that you’re lost too.

Yet here you are.

Standing before me.

Let us wander.

Just awhile.

Holding hands.

Smelling the air.

Feeling the feather-light breeze upon our faces.

Pulsing streams of light shooting through us.

The lines between waking and dreaming reality.


It doesn’t matter.

Anything else.

Because we’re here and now.


At last.


One thought on “May the Day Arrive. {Poem}

  1. You verbalize the longings in so many hearts. So many seek, and you find the words to describe this seeking so eloquently. Sometimes, the worst loneliness is when you are with someone, and yet feel so alone as there is no depth to the connection. No depth, meaning, there is no true connection.
    I read your words, and I remember…. This feeling I once had, and had forgotten.

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