Why we should abandon our hopes in elected officials and replace hope with faith in ourselves instead. {Adult}

Part one of two:

Warning: Adult language ahead!

Something that has gnawed away at me for quite some time now is the idea of hope.

I’ve struggled with hope and being hopeful that something I wanted would come to fruition.

Hoping is expecting and many of us realize that expectation ultimately leads to disappointment and suffering.

The notion, “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” is also a lukewarm ideal (in my opinion) compared to going all-in when it comes to matters of our welfare.

No risk, no reward as the saying goes.

To me this says, “Stay right in the middle of the crowd where you’ll remain in suspended animation—where you’ll remain safe.”

This is where our voice is the least likely to be heard.

Every election year, I get that feeling dwelling within that tries to prod at my sensibilities and intelligence (intellect, intuition and gut instinct), telling me to cast my vote in hopes that maybe this time this elected official will be in concert to real, beneficial change.

Not so, in a system perpetually designed to divide the masses.

A two party system will always inevitably pit man against man—brother against brother.

White man against black man.

Gender against gender.

Race against race.

Border against border.

Greed against humanity.

Choose the lesser of two evils? – that’s insanity.

I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat nor am I an Independent or Libertarian.

These are finite terms, attempting to limit my exponential growth.

I am infinite—infinitely growing and expansive; seeking out my own infinite potential through an infinite experience that transcends the human experience.

Let me ask you something:

Are your elected officials determining what to believe for you or are you capable of determining what’s right for yourself?

Marketers utilize this strategy ingeniously well—persuading us what to believe with the power of suggestion (mild hypnosis).

Stop, for once, going along with crowd consensus and please, seek deep within yourself what’s truly resonating and what just might actually be a grandiose racket.

Most of our world’s affairs are a racket by the way…just sayin…we weren’t designed to live this way—monetizing our existence at the peril of this planet’s (or our own) welfare.

Who’s conjuring up these narrowly defined topics of discussion for us to give our perceived opinion on in hopes that our voice on the topic actually matters or will make a significant difference and impact in the long term?

Who here is deciding what we ought to be focused on—us or a monopolized government?

Are we really combating over bathroom stalls and marriage inequality in the 21st century while the fate of this planet hinges on whether we’ll wake up to our plight or succumb to it?

Fucking unreal.

We cannot conform to narrowly defined and superficial topics while opening up a wide discussion of debate on these close-minded matters—everything must be on the table; everything.

I don’t need rules to tell me how to live, I’ll simply break them and shatter the misconception that I can be confined, silenced, condemned or controlled.

Attempt to take away my civil liberties and my freedom to co-create as a sovereign human being—kill me if you must but I’ll return again and will stand in direct opposition to such cowardice.

Singling out one person to represent a melting pot country (only speaking of the U.S.) of immigrants from every corner of the world to dictate how it’s governed is also fundamentally flawed.

Choosing one or two representatives to speak on behalf of the untold numbers of people from each state also seems ludicrous to me.

I am my own voice!

I will speak up on behalf of myself, thank you!

I will act in accordance with what I value, not what one man or woman on center stage dictates for me.

I will rebel until the bitter end, defending my own sovereignty.

I’ve learned to stop fearing death and persecution.

I will stand in my power unwavering, until my heart beats it’s last breath.

I will live and die a free man because I refuse to give my power to another individual or man-made entity.

Nothing can abridge free-will if we’d but own it in it’s entirety and majesty—once we’ve fully realized the illusory nature of a deceitful system.

Our free-will is an inexplicable force of nature that cannot be tampered with, so long as we’re standing in our own highest power.

This is the highest allegiance any one man, woman or child could ever do in service to both themselves and others.

I anticipate that notions like this could be highly controversial and in past decades I would have been accused of being a communist sympathizer (as just one example)—persecuting me for my individual beliefs.

Even today, I may be deemed a threat to the State and incarcerated without due trial (perceived as a terrorist under the guise of the Patriot Act).

What else can we take away from what we’re witnessing right now?

That hatred still exists and ignorance will prevail if we continue playing into their ploys—these are their age-old tactics of social warfare (division), indoctrination and ultimate control over the masses.

We cannot be harnessed—we were meant to grow.

As Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage.”

It’s a stage—an act.

Each of us was meant to stand on center-stage, our own stage.

Those who would seek to control you are manipulating you—us, me included, because we’ve let them tell their lies for so long, these tongue in cheek motives.

Because we’ve been deceived and lied to for ages—to benefit the few at the detriment of the many.

Hitler: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

This notion stems from the idea that a rational mind is incapable of believing that a grandiose lie is the truth—this has been evidenced throughout time.

It’s a simple choice to choose between representing ourselves or being represented.

I’m sorry, but I do not behold the ability to represent a single human being except for myself.

I’m in absolute control over my actions and states of affairs and that’s it.

Beyond that, cooperation, understanding and tolerance in conjunction with others is the only way we can create a new reality.

I’m no longer hoping for change, I am creating it myself in my own life.

Act two:

Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets once related how children aren’t learning from what we tell them, they’re learning from our behaviors.

How is our individual influence affecting others—how is it affecting our own life?

I think it’s great that Sanders has garnered so much attention—especially from the younger masses whose minds and hearts are still largely malleable.

Something else I need to touch on is that these elected officials are playing on our emotions.

They’re using our inherent empathetic senses against us—to their advantage.

Believe me, I’ve been swept away in it far too many times but, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

I was in denial until 2014 when one day it dawned on me, that I had been living this way my entire life—a fog was finally lifted.

The first stage of grief and loss is denial—for the record.

We’ve lost something, some time ago….our voices and our inalienable sovereignty—at least that’s the perception—our freedom to exhibit ourselves naturally within our own private space where infinite potential exists.

This particular election has also uncovered voter fraud (again) and the idea that our elections are rigged.

If I recall, Gore won not Bush.

Despite this coup, our apathetic country simply accepted this blatant attack on our liberties, birthing the Patriot Act because of the perception we were under attack by a foreign country.

We were hijacked, yet again from the constructs and perversions of our own system.

I think many of us know by now that corporate interests dominate the lobbying front.

I’m no historian but from what I’ve learned and from what brews deep within my being is that the only real and significant changes are those that have been made by the people themselves—through civil unrest and ultimate uprising.

In 2012, I attended one of Ron Paul’s gatherings and he flat out said that the young people of this country need to lead a revolution.

The writing is on the wall and I refuse to ignore the reality we’re faced with.

We’re tasked with owning ourselves so that we as one race of humans might evolve into the next stage of civilization away from barbarism and into a new age of enlightenment.

We are currently a class zero civilization and have yet to fully harness the ability to behave as a class one civilization—harnessing energy from our neighboring star, the Sun (but we’re getting there, quite archaically and painstakingly slow I might add).

What can I say, people are naturally resistant to change and I’m no exception.

So I’ve stopped hoping (not to be mistaken with being faithful)—I’m incredibly faithful.

I read somewhere a few years ago, something that has remained within me since:

“Own your space.”

As I recall, this was something that Benjamin Franklin stated.

Think about that for a moment—own your space.

What a profound sentiment.

What this implies to me, understanding that I am an energetic body, is that I am the sole proprietor of my individual space and I alone have the ability to stand in my power or choose to give it away.

This is bound to unseat some very unsettling emotions (which is the entire point of digging work) but every time we cast our vote for someone (other than ourselves), we’re placing our power in their hands.

We are indeed amplifying their presence while diminishing our own.

Then when our unrealistic expectations aren’t met, we baulk at why this single, elected official has failed to turn the tides on this country’s trajectory.

A revolutionary act, I decided after voting for the last time in 2008 was to become a non-partisan.

I decided that my energy is best served focusing on building the new rather than fighting (or supporting) the old.

This system (all government) is outdated and I do not have all the answers that many would seek—in deference to what solutions might exist.

There are plenty, I assure you and only one thing stands in the way of a new horizon—a new way of living here (the powers that-be; the ones we’ve given our power to).

I’m just a guide—a reference point on a map, but we are each tasked with navigating that map ourselves.

We are tasked with solving our own riddle.

I’m here to influence change through direct action—starting first with imagining a new way of life, or maybe simply adopting the old ways again and remembering how to live more simply.

There’s a cheesy line, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.”

Fuck. That.

The only significant change that has ever come about has been from non-conformity.

I refuse to remain silent, I refuse to “feel the Bern.” even though I honestly believe his heart is in the right place.

I’m here to corrupt a morally corrupt system—to dismantle it and remind others that power is eternally existent within themselves if only they’d choose to embody it.

Today, a revolutionary act is to stand up and voice how I truly feel about something that from my perspective is fundamentally flawed and can never be fixed.

I just read a meme that stated something like, “The same person that broke you cannot be the same one to fix you.”

Albert Einstein said something similar, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

We cannot continue hoping that this system is worth salvaging and that voting for change will solve this century’s most timely issues.

It needs to be abandoned so we might finally envision a system of checks and balances that preserves the inalienable rights of all life here on this fragile planet.

A revolutionary act is one’s ability to effectively govern themselves absent authoritative measures or intervention—this is after all a free-will Universe.

Without harming others of course.

I’m not interested in a ruling elite deciding how my life ought to be run or how our resources ought best be managed, spent, manipulated or destroyed.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you what we will replace this current system with (anarchy sounds about right) but I’ve learned that steering into the unknown—the looming uncertainty, is the only direction we can head if we are to ever liberate ourselves from this maddening predicament.

One of the highest forms of protest is to grow a garden.

Be the change you believe in, not what someone has attempted to convince you to believe in.

 Question me—question authority.

Question your own motives and whether you’re living in your highest power or if you’ve given it away to someone else.


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